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Ideas for reforms for small apartment

If you want the meters of your small apartment to really count, keep these ideas in mind if you are going to reform it. In addition to raising the decorative level, they are practical and you will gain amplitude.

If there is something missing in a small apartment, it is meters and space. But with the right reforms, you can not only multiply the storage (so necessary in small spaces), but you will also see your house more spacious and bright. Yes, even if the meters are the same. These reforms for small flats are a success!

Open Kitchen To Dining Room

Reform small apartment

Surely you have read many times pulling down the partition that separates the kitchen from the dining room will not only make the space look larger and you will gain in meters, but will also fill the space with natural light. and it will be much more comfortable. And don’t worry about odors in the kitchen, with a powerful extractor hood, you can avoid them. And, although it is a reform that involves a lot of work, the result will leave you satisfied.

Bet On Big Sliders

Did you know that by changing a hinged door for a sliding one you gain at least one square meter? And not only that, but you can place a large slider that stays open to unify space or close it when you want privacy. On this floor, decorator Olga Gil-Vernet placed a large slide separating the living room from the study bedroom.

Put Doors And Mobile Partitions

In this video, you will see the ideas of this super well-used apartment. Then keep brainstorming with the photos!

Separate With Glass Partitions

It is another one of those ideas that we love. Because of the style they wear, the luminosity, the spaciousness, and their modern spirit. Since sometimes we don’t want to knock down the partition, between the living room and the bedroom, for example, but also between the living room and the kitchen, you can create a glass wall. It will bring light and spaciousness to the two rooms it separates without any of them losing their privacy one hundred percent.

Any Dead Space Can Be Used

And this is one of those reforms for small apartments that do not involve a large outlay of money. The space under the window or at the foot of the bed can be converted from a dead and unused area of ​​your house to a shoe rack or cabinet that increases the storage space of your house. In this bedroom, the interior designer Pia Capdevila planned a wall-to-wall wardrobe under the window that serves as a shoe rack.

Open The Kitchen In

Opening a window in the kitchen that overlooks the hallway will fill this passageway without light in the house with a lot of light. It is a reform for small apartments that will give spaciousness and raise the decorative level: from the kitchen and from the corridor. If you place a door with the same design (in this case with panels), the effect will be increased.

Put Glass Partitions Or Mirrors!

In this video, we show you how a 65-meter floor has squeezed every cm.

More Space In A Kitchen With Two Fronts

Although your kitchen is small, do not forget to allocate space for a small office. And you don’t have to put a table with chairs, with a small breakfast bar it will be enough to have a space in the kitchen where you can enjoy a quick meal. But what about storage? Bring kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, at least on one side. You will gain a lot of space to store.

Get Rid Of The Railing

To create greater amplitude, a solution in a small duplex in which every meter counts is to remove the railing to achieve a more homogeneous, less ornate, and larger space. Now, if you have small children, it is not a highly recommended reform. Wait for them to grow and eliminate that barrier that only causes visual noise.

Join The Terrace To The Living Room Or Dining Room

If you do not give much use to the terrace or balcony, in addition to closing it, remove the partition that separates it from the living room or dining room. You will gain a lot of meters that you didn’t even look at before without losing light. There are also glass curtains, almost without profiles that will let all the light through.

Give Color To The Living Room

Especially if it has a lot of natural light, like this one. And you don’t have to limit yourself to light colors, like white, beige, or soft grey, but you can also go for more intense colors like this blue. Then, choose furniture with white upholstery and washed wood that gives light and warmth.

Use The Stairs

Duplexes, although often small, have dead spaces that are not used. A good example to take advantage of them is to place the kitchen just below so that you can turn the stairs into cabinets that give you storage. If you don’t want to change the distribution, you can turn this area into a large shoe rack, a wardrobe with extendable bars.

Where Is The Headboard?

Although the headboard is a piece that adds character to the bedroom, it also has quite a presence. How to have a headboard without having a headboard? Pay attention to this idea: plan a niche in the wall right in the space where this piece of furniture should go. And, if you want to get even more out of the meters of your small bedroom, choose suspended tables. Then, place some suspended lamps, and you will see how the meters multiply.


Infographic Provided By Lakeshore East Apartments Company, Downtown Apartment Company

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