Small hallways decoration

ideas of small hallways that will inspire your next renovation

Do you want to give a change to the small hallways of your house but you are not sure what to do? Don’t worry: after seeing these examples, your doubts will be resolved.

It is the first environment we see when entering the house, where we receive and say goodbye to friends and family, and for this reason, we must take care of its design just as we do in the rest of the rooms. It is true that when it comes to small entrance halls, things get a bit more complicated: well, in addition to taking care of their aesthetics, you have to create a feeling of space and gain light. Therefore, if you are thinking of renovating your hall to turn it into a stylish and practical space, this article interests you.

Gain Light in Small Halls

Renovate your small hallways

In single-family houses, an excellent idea for natural light to flood the hall is to replace a wall with a spectacular glazed surface, as the decorator Catalina Alós did in this house. That connection to the outside world will also help it look bigger and full of life.

Glazed Partitions For Mini Halls

One solution to create a visual effect of spaciousness is replacing traditional partitions with a glass enclosure. And if you are looking to enhance its decorative value, opt for a design with quarters. In the event that the adjoining room is the kitchen, think of an enclosure that combines an opaque lower part to be able to support the furniture without the rear being visible.

The Duo That Never Fails

An intervention that cannot be missing in the reform of your hall is a good facelift. Create a neutral background with walls painted in a light and bright color, and then add details in wood and natural fibers that provide dynamism and warmth. The white and wood halls are cozy and very stylish.

Any Hole is Good

If we add an irregular floor plan or the presence of setbacks to the lack of meters, things get even more complicated. Solve this small inconvenience with a custom-made piece of furniture integrated into the wall. In this case, the design includes a radiator cover as a console, which has been lacquered in the same gray as the rest of the furniture.

Open It to the Living Room

Throw partitions so that the hall looks like an anteroom to the living room. By uniting these two rooms, in addition to achieving a greater sense of space, you will gain comfort. Later, if you want both rooms to be well defined, it will be enough to decorate the hall wall with wallpaper or paint it a different color from the others. And when it comes to looking for furniture for small halls, you already know: it is better that they have little depth and a light design.

Nice And Useful Small Halls: Do Not Forget the Order!

Now that you are going to design a new hall, do not forget to include customized solutions that optimize the meters and allow you to gain storage space. Made-to-measure cabinets or cabinets with storage spaces, boxes, and baskets… Any answer is good so a small hallway is also practical.

Harness the Magical Power of Mirrors

Decorating the wall of the hall with a composition of mirrors is very good, but once the work is done… why not cover the front with a mirror and thus increase the feeling of spaciousness and light?

Do You Prefer A Flashy Wallpaper?

In that case, do not rule it out, because there is no doubt that your hall will gain character and personality. Of course, look for solutions that lighten the final result: choose light tones for the floor, alternate walls and skirting boards in white, and decorate it with a few pieces, if possible also in a light finish.

In Small And Modern Halls, Opt For Black Profiles

We continue betting on the idea of ​​replacing the partition that separates the hall from the living room with a glass enclosure, but this time with black profiles to give the room a modern look. This is how the decorator Marta Noguera Trias did it in this house, who, in addition, managed to enhance the current style with the pieces chosen for the decoration of the space: a large round mirror on the wall and a bench with straight and refined lines, also finished in a dark tone.

Put A Sliding Door

If you are reluctant to join rooms to create a single environment, choose to install a sliding door that allows you to connect and separate the spaces according to the needs of the moment.

What is the Best Furniture for Small Hallways?

In addition to narrow and visually light pieces, custom-made designs are always the best option to solve the decoration of small spaces. And if you don’t look at the hall of this house, with a narrow and elongated floor plan: one front was occupied with a piece of furniture that runs along the wall and that includes a bench, hangers, an upper shelf, and just opposite, cupboards to take advantage of the space for stairs.

Decorate Small And Narrow Halls With A Plinth

Take advantage of the decoration of the walls to create an optical effect of spaciousness, in addition to achieving a serene and elegant space. How? With a paneled plinth painted in the same tone as the wall. Remember that lighter colors will make small, narrow hallways look larger. The moldings will give personality and a stately air to the space.


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