Ideas for outdoor

Ideas for outdoor with a lot of style

As we said in the article published a few days ago, one of the most searched topics in our blog is everything that has to do with exterior decoration. On this occasion we will share some ideas for outdoor with a lot of style. We hope you will be inspired, or at least to recreate the view.

Having a patio, garden or a small terrace is a blessing. Family gatherings or with friends outdoors are very nice. Therefore we will give you some ideas to decorate exteriors, and we hope that they come to you well.

Hanging chairs

Ideas for outdoor

It is not the first time we talked about hanging chairs, also known as hammock chairs. The truth is that they are very interesting, and besides being functional, they constitute a decorative element. Having one, two or three of these hanging chairs in the garden, will give a special touch. And if what you want is to get an exterior with style, you will not regret it.

Outdoor hanging chairs

Basically there are two types of hammock chairs, those that come with a built-in foot, and those that are hanging (you can hang them on a tree or even the roof). That yes, in the market we find these hanging chairs in various materials.  We find them from natural fibers, synthetic fibers that mimic natural, wood and even metal fibers. Some time ago we published an article where we talked about outdoor hanging chairs, which may interest you. Do you want more ideas for outdoor? Keep reading!

Wood and natural fibers

If there are materials that go very closely with the exterior decoration, they are natural fibers, and better without wood. In the decoration shops there is much wooden furniture for outdoor, from chairs, rocking chairs, and even tables.

Wood and natural fibers outdoors

If we add natural fibers to the wood, such as an ottoman, a side table, a shed for the pergola, or wicker lamps, our patio or garden will look much better. It should be noted that the best combination of these two materials occurs when the wood is in its natural color. Which does not mean it can look good. Nowadays you can see a lot even the furniture made of painted natural fibers, and the truth is that they look very pretty.

Outdoor ideas with cushions or cushions

Who says that the textile is not compatible with the exterior decoration? Here are some ideas for outdoor decorated with cushions or cushions. We love that work armchair full of cushions in natural tones. Yes, obviously we can use fabrics in outdoor decoration, but we have to take into account that after using them we have to keep everything that can be damaged by rain.

In this outdoor space we see the result of combining wooden furniture, and natural fiber objects such as armchairs, lamp and carpet, with colorful cushions.

Tips for a stylish exterior

When the good weather starts to come, it feels like more to go out or enjoy the outside of our houses. And now that we start to have good weather, more hours of light and even a little bit of warmth, it’s time to start thinking about how to organize and decorate your terrace.

The truth is that there are several alternatives to decorate your terrace with an original style and with much style. Above all, if you like the minimalist style, without great excesses, here are some ideas to decorate the exterior of your house, if you have a large space, with a pool.

  • Opt for a pool of straight and simple lines, with no access ladder or anything that breaks the clean lines of the space.
  • Choose low terrace furniture and straight lines. Also, in white or in a single dark color, will be great.
  • Distribute several zones with different materials. For example, there may be an area with grass, very short and well cut, another area in wood and another tile, around the pool.
  • The stone is a great material and it can also look great. For example, you can use a small corner to put a floor of this material and decorate with balls of rope, or with a figure of a Buddha, who also wear a lot and are really good.

The truth is that these ideas can be great for a large outdoor space, where there are enough meters. Anyway, you can adapt it by changing some details, taking into account the size that you have on the outside of your house, since in a smaller space, it can also look really good. And if you have more space, you can take advantage of it with a nice porch.

Exterior garden decoration: divide the most important areas

If you have a large enough garden where there will be different areas it is a good idea to separate them or point them out in some way. Imagine that in a garden there will be an area to eat, another to take the sun and another for children to play. In this case we can take different strategies to divide the different zones with the help of plants, small walls, surrounding modifications, stone paths, statues or similar things.

Like decorating a small terrace involves a series of measures, when decorating small gardens should also pose a number of issues, tips and advice. You may have less space but it can also be divided in some way.

In small gardens, although these do not reach very large dimensions, we can look for small items and accessories such as flower boxes, pots or small fountains; in order to differentiate the zones.

What is the decorative style that you like most for your outdoor garden?

It is very important to be clear about what style you intend to incorporate into your outdoor areas. Like we can look for a vintage style for balconies and terraces or another that has nothing to do, we can also do it when decorating our exteriors.

Minimalist? Oriental? Vintage? Scandinavian? There are really beautiful decorations within the different styles. On the Internet you can see thousands of images that can help, as an inspiration. What is your favorite decorative style? Do you prefer eclectic decorations?

Implement a fountain or pond in the garden

If you have space you can add fountains or even ponds, in the garden. They are really striking and decorative complements. In the ponds you can introduce fish or choose the aquatic flowers that you can grow.

If you have a small garden you can look for mini and modern sources or even make one yourself! There are many tutorials where you can learn how to make a fountain easily with a water pump. The ideas are many to include, in some way, a fountain or a beautiful pond in the garden.

Decoration of outdoor gardens: choose accessories that combine between them

To achieve a decoration with a certain harmony in the garden it is important to choose well the complements that are going to integrate it. Within a single style there are thousands of designs that may or may not combine.

Look closely at the design of the accessories, their shapes, materials and colors. Choose colors that complement each other and materials that combine. To have a beautiful garden you do not have to spend an excessive amount of money.

Get color through the plants and their flowers

Select the plants that you want to be part of the garden, because some have flowers with really beautiful and striking colors. If you think you have a “bland” garden you can animate it with red flowers, oranges, purple, roses, etc. Try to choose and “play” with colors that stick with your exteriors and enhance that natural beauty.

Do not forget a good exterior lighting!

As in the interior of a home, light is essential, outdoors too. In this way you can clearly identify where each zone is, the roads well marked and the other elements that make up the garden itself.

You can get the lighting in different ways, everything depends on what you want to include. There is furniture that offers a beautiful LED type light that changes color and everything! You can also opt for headlights, spotlights on the floor, solar lamps, aquatic lamps … there are endless models.

Decoration of outdoor gardens: enables an area to rest

Do you love to relax? Enabling a rest area in the garden is a luxury! You can put a hammock or comfortable sofas, fluffy and full of cushions. This space is ideal to take a rest, a nap or throw us to the barstool. What do you think of this idea?

We must take into account the real and usable dimensions of the garden

Do not want to put everything in the garden without having measured it before and know its shape and limitations. You may want to enter too many add-ons and zones, for such a small place.

Before buying anything or decorating, try to know what fits and where you are going to put it. In this way you will save yourself trouble and you will have the perfect garden, perhaps with less things but more practical and beautiful. Do you have a large or small garden?

What types of plants can you grow in your garden?

This issue is important because not all plants grow well outdoors or in your type of climate. Keep this delicate subject in mind and choose the right plants you can grow. For this we must take into account the type of soil that has the garden, the microclimate established in it, the sun or the lighting that arrives and, obviously, in what place we live.

Outdoor garden decoration: buy the most appropriate furniture

The aluminum furniture is resistant and weighs little, they are also more economical, it does not heat up as much as other furniture and does not lose its color. Ideal for spaces where there is a lot of wind or storms.

  • The wood treated correctly, to put it outdoors is great. The cedar or the teak wood, they are expensive but it is the best thing. Its biggest advantage is that they remain at an ideal temperature both in winter and in summer.
  • The iron furniture will last you a lifetime, because they are resistant to the passage of time, humidity, wind or frost. They are easy to maintain and very resistant to shock.
  • What do you think about these keys and tips on decorating outdoor gardens? How would you like to decorate your garden?

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