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Ideas for exterior decoration

The exterior decoration can be hard work. What materials to choose? What kind of furniture will be better? In this article we offer you some ideas to decorate your terrace, patio or garden, creating a unique and wonderful place.

If we have a covered patio we can have less fear when choosing materials. We can choose, for example, bamboo or wood, because thanks to the roof will be sheltered from the rain. In addition, the roof is also useful for the use of lighting elements, because we will not run the risk of getting wet.

Creating authentic Balinese beds in our garden can be one of the most interesting options, if we have enough land. An ideal place to place one of these outdoor beds will be under a pergola . To this atmosphere can be added a minimalist style or fill all colorful and diverse flowers. We opted more for the second, because we think that the first option is tighter and that in a certain way, if we want to relax, the plants will help us much more.

The exteriors are a good place to plan an intimate dinner or a meal. We have already talked in a previous post about outdoor dining and its particular charm. The important thing is to have a table, but if we do not want to fall into the typical white plastic table, we can opt for a wooden table and different chairs. This option will give personality to our porch.


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We love the Moroccan style. This exterior decoration goes through the use of plants as well as textiles of many colors, low armchairs and some other lamp with oriental style. If we have a patio with a gallery we are lucky to place some armchairs and a side table.

Outdoor fireplace

And if in winter it’s too cold to be outdoors, this will not be a problem. As we say; and it is that we can place a fireplace in the garden so that on cold nights we can warm up as if it were a bonfire.

Lovers of the Jacuzzi can also make their dream come true, yes, with enough space, because one of these elements can occupy a lot. But we cannot deny the charm of a Jacuzzi in a beautiful patio with deck. If our terrace or patio is not big we may have to do without this dream.

It is important to know that outdoors less is more, as in many other places in the house. If we choose to place a few pieces of furniture we will be gaining space. Just by placing plants and trees the landscape can change a lot.

Outdoor wicker furniture

We still love wicker, we cannot deny it. A good set of wicker furniture can be a fantastic idea, more if we accompany them with umbrellas as impressive as this one, of an oriental style quite evident.

Outdoor spaces with lots of charm

The exteriors can be a great tapestry to create an inspiring work; and that is to have a terrace , patio or even garden , is a relief as space, but also a luck for decoration lovers , who can extend their desire to get the perfect house outdoors. In today’s article we will share some ideas of outdoor spaces with a lot of charm, and we hope that they will inspire you.

The options are many. We just have to think about what we want to recreate exactly. For this, we can use noble materials such as wood or stone; And we cannot deny that a wooden roof or a rustic seat made of stone can add a unique charm to our exteriors. We have seen, in previous publications, how well they look balconies with wood, as well as the terraced wood.

If we have enough space we can build a gazebo or barbecue, the one we share next is beautiful, and quite luxurious as we can see. An authentic structure created in the middle of a large gardenĀ  that evokes those small and rustic alpine cabins. A typical roof with two gables of wood, covered by tiles and enough space under this to place all kinds of furniture.

Exterior decoration

The plants, with green leaves and flowers of a thousand colors, can be the ideal start to turn a small terrace into a charming space. This type of corners cry out for a decoration of vintage aesthetics, even touching the romantic and country decoration. Forging tables and chairs and a special attention to the textile, which as always will help us to dress that table in which to take a refreshing lemonade.

There are other materials that can be of great help outdoors, durable and with strong decorative power, and we are talking about natural fibers such as wicker; and is that, contrary to what some believe, never out of fashion.

Also, the important thing is to have space to sit in the garden. If we had enough square meters, we can add all kinds of seats. Stools, sofas or simply armchairs. All are well received. The furniture made with wooden pallets is a classic of the exterior decoration.

Decoration of balconies and terraces

Also, let’s not forget an essential element in our exterior, a low table where we can locate our favorite snacks. There are many models in the market. Also, if we do not like what we see, we can always choose to create it ourselves, as in the case of tables made with coils or cable reels. We just need a solid structure and a little imagination or wood, a lot of wood, which as we see is really good.

Finally, if we want green but we do not feel like cutting the grass every day, we can choose to place plants and on the ground, instead of a mantle of grass, opt for the typical rocks and pebbles.

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