How to Wash Blankets

How to Wash Blankets in the Washing Machine

Blankets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Proper washing of blankets, from wool to sherpa, helps them last longer. Washing machines, if you follow the instructions, provide an easy way to clean most blankets.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to wash blanket in washing machine:

  • Electric blankets
  • Crochet blankets
  • UGG blankets
  • Wool blankets
  • Faux fur blankets
  • Sherpa blankets

We’ll also provide tips to make washing blankets easier, answer common questions, and summarize the key steps to remember.

Washing Electric Blankets in the Washing Machine

Electric blankets contain internal wiring and controls that heat the blanket. This electronics makes washing more complicated than a regular blanket. Follow these steps to clean electric blankets safely in a washing machine:

Check the Care Label

Start by checking the care label on your electric blanket. It should indicate if machine washing is allowed. If not, you’ll need to spot clean instead. The label also provides details like water temperature and if bleach can be used.

Remove the Controller

Detach the controller if possible. This contains the electronics and buttons to control the heating. Removing it prevents water damage during the wash cycle. Some electric blankets don’t allow the controller to be detached. If this is the case, skip this step.

Use a Gentle Cycle

Only use the gentle or delicate cycle to wash electric blankets. The agitation of regular cycles can damage internal wiring. Set the machine to cold water, even if the blanket care tag states warm. Hard water is less likely to harm the electric components.

Air Dry Completely

Never put electric blankets in the dryer, even if the care instructions say tumble dry is okay. The heat can damage the wiring and controls. Air dry blankets entirely before using or storing them. This may take several hours. Lay it flat and smooth out any bunches or wrinkles as it dries.

Reset the Controller

If you detach the controller, reconnect it after the blanket is fully dry. Before using it again, follow the manufacturer’s directions to reset digital controls. This ensures proper functioning.

With these steps, you can safely refresh electric blankets in the washing machine. Protect the internal components, and always air dry before reusing your electric blanket.

Washing Crochet Blankets in the Washing Machine

Crochet Blankets in the Washing Machine

Handmade crochet blankets require gentle cleaning to avoid distorting or damaging the stitching. Here are tips for washing crochet blankets in a washing machine:

Check Fiber Contents

The care instructions depend on the crochet blanket’s material. Natural fibers like wool and cotton can be machine-washed, but synthetic blends containing acrylic or polyester will require a more delicate approach. Check the label or ask the maker what fibers are used.

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag

For added protection, place the crochet blanket inside a mesh laundry bag and zip it closed before washing. This prevents the stitches from catching on other items in the load. Look for bags designed for delicates.

Choose the Right Wash Cycle

Select the gentle or delicate cycle on cold water. You can use warm water to wash a 100% cotton crochet blanket, but the gentle cycle is still best to avoid agitation. Steer clear of regular wash settings, as they are too rough.

Lay Flat to Dry

Do not put crochet blankets in the dryer. The heat can distort or feel natural fibers. Air drying is best. Lay the blanket flat on a drying rack or across a few chairs. Smooth out the edges and shape as needed while drying.

Use a Fabric Softener

Consider adding a liquid fabric softener to the washing machine rinse cycle when laundering crochet blankets. This helps soften the fibers and prevent excess fuzzing of the yarn.

With some basic precautions, washing crochet blankets in the machine is quick and easy. Treat and reshape them gently while drying to keep your handmade blanket looking its best.

How to Wash UGG Blankets in the Washing Machine

UGG blankets are made from plush materials like wool and sheepskin. Here’s how to clean UGG blankets at home:

Shake Out Loose Dirt

First, lay the blanket outside and give it a good shake. This removes dust and surface debris before washing. Don’t do this on a windy day; the blanket could blow away.

Check the Tag

UGG blankets may be machine washable but always double-check the sewn-in tag to be sure. Follow any special instructions provided. Some may require professional dry cleaning instead.

Use Cold Water

Wash UGG blankets on a gentle cycle using cold water. The cold temperature helps preserve the shape and texture better than hot. Use an animal-friendly detergent, as harsh soaps can damage wool.

Reshape During Drying

Never put UGG blankets in the dryer. This can shrink or feel the wool. Air dry them flat instead, smoothing and reshaping as needed. Laying on a towel absorbs moisture. Fluff up the nap with your hands when dry.

Freshen Between Washes

To freshen in between washes, hang the blanket outdoors in fresh air or use a handheld garment steamer. This removes odors and fluffs the pile back up again.

UGG blankets can be safely washed in the washing machine with proper technique. Please treat them with care to extend the life of your high-quality UGG blanket.

Washing Wool Blankets in the Washing Machine

Wool blankets provide unbeatable warmth, but how you wash them makes a difference. Here are tips for safely washing wool blankets in the machine:

Shake Out the Blanket

First, take your wool blanket outdoors and give it a good shake to remove dust, pet hair, and debris. This prevents them from getting trapped in the fibers during washing.

Check the Tag

Wool blankets can usually be machine washed but always check the tag first. Some may specify dry cleaning only. Otherwise, follow the instructions provided for the best results.

Use Mild Detergent

Wool blankets should be washed in cold water using a gentle, wool-safe detergent. Never use fabric softener or bleach. Wool is delicate and requires special care, and harsh chemicals can ruin the fibers.

Choose the Delicate Cycle

Wool blankets should be washed only on a delicate or gentle cycle. The agitation of regular cycles can feel or shrink the wool. Also, take care to keep the blanket load light.

Dry Flat

Tumble drying can damage wool blankets; the heat causes them to shrink. Always air-dry wool blankets lying flat, smoothing the edges as needed.

With the proper precautions, washing wool blankets in the machine is simple. The keys are using a wool-friendly detergent, a delicate cycle, and air drying to protect the fibers.

How to Wash a Wool Blanket in the Washing Machine

How to Wash a Wool Blanket

Wool blankets are ideal for keeping warm in winter. But just throwing them in with your regular laundry can spell disaster. Wool requires special treatment to wash appropriately in a machine. Follow these key steps:

Read the Care Label

Always check the sewing tag on your wool blanket first. Some may specify dry cleaning only. If machine washable, follow any instructions provided.

Shake Out the Blanket

Before washing, take the wool blanket outside and shake it well. This loosens dust or hair so it doesn’t get pushed further into the wool fibers.

Use a Gentle Detergent

Wool can only be washed in specialty detergents formulated for woolen. Harsh soaps or fabric softeners will damage the wool fibers. Check the bottle to make sure it’s suitable for machine washing.

Wash Using a Delicate Cycle

Choose your washing machine’s delicate or gentle cycle, then set it to cold water. Hot water can shrink or feel soft wool. The peaceful settings prevent too much agitation.

Lay Flat to Dry

Never put wool blankets in the dryer. The heat will cause the fibers to shrink. Instead, lay them flat on a towel or drying rack, smoothing out the edges. Allow plenty of time to air dry completely before using.

With the proper precautions, washing wool blankets in the washing machine is easy. Always double-check the care label and use products specially made for washing wool.

How to Wash Faux Fur Blankets in the Washing Machine

Faux fur blankets feel plush and cozy but require special handling when laundering. Follow these tips for washing faux fur in the machine:

Brush Gently

Use a soft brush or pet comb to remove dust and debris trapped in the fur gently. Avoid harsh brushing motions that can damage the delicate pile.

Select the Right Detergent

Liquid detergent is best for faux fur but contains no bleaches, brighteners, or dyes that could discolor the fabric. Laundry pods tend to create excess suds.

Wash Using Cold Water

When washing faux fur blankets, set your washing machine to the coldest water temperature. Hot water can cause the synthetic fibers to mat. Use the delicate cycle to prevent excess agitation.

Use a Laundry Bag

Place the faux fur blanket inside a zippered mesh laundry bag before washing. This prevents the fabric from bunching up and allows detergent to circulate freely. Look for bags designed for delicates.

Rinse Thoroughly

Double-check that all detergent residue is removed during the rinse cycles. Remaining soap can leave blankets feeling stiff or sticky. If suds remain, you may need to run an extra rinse cycle.

Reshape While Damp

Never put faux fur in the dryer. The heat can damage the pile. Instead, reshape the blanket after washing and lay flat to air dry. Use your fingers to fluff up any matted spots while still slightly damp.

Consider Dry Cleaning

Professional dry-cleaning may be better for faux fur blankets prone to shedding or matting. Dry cleaners use gentle solvents and can thoroughly prep the blanket before drying flat.

With some special precautions, faux fur blankets can be safely washed in machines. Choosing cold water, a suitable detergent, and air drying are keys to keeping the fur soft, fluffy, and vibrant.

How to Wash Sherpa Blankets in the Washing Machine

Wondering how to clean soft, cozy sherpa blankets? Washing machines make it easy as long as you follow these guidelines:

Check the Care Tag

Sherpa blankets are typically machine washable but always check the sewn-in tag first. Follow any special instructions for washing temperature, drying method, or bleach use.

Wash Using Cold Water

Sherpa is made from synthetic fibers like polyester or acrylic. To avoid damaging the material, use cold water in the washing machine. Warm or hot water can cause sherpa to shrink.

Choose the Delicate Cycle

Wash sherpa blankets using only the delicate or gentle cycle. The agitation of regular wash settings can damage the fibers and loosen the thick pile. Take care not to overload the machine, either.

Use Mild Detergent

Stick to gentle liquid detergents when washing Sherpa. Powdered detergents may not dissolve thoroughly and can leave a residue, and harsh soaps can strip the fluffy texture.

Reshape and Air Dry

Never put Sherpa blankets in the dryer. The heat will flatten and damage the pile. Instead, lay the blanket flat and gently reshape it while air drying. Fluff up the nap with your hands.

Spot Clean If Needed

Use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum between washes to remove dust and surface debris from Sherpa blankets. Spot clean stains by dabbing gently with mild detergent and a clean, absorbent cloth.

With the proper precautions, sherpa blankets can be safely washed in machines on the delicate cycle. Protect the supple texture that makes these blankets so irresistibly cozy.

Tips for Washing Blankets in the Washing Machine

Tips for Washing Blankets in the Washing Machine

Keep your blankets fresh and clean with these additional tips for washing them in a machine:

  • Read care labels: Always check the sewn-in tag for washing instructions. Follow any directions given.
  • Pretreat stains: Use a stain-fighting stick or spray to pretreat any visible stains before washing. This prevents setting them further.
  • Load correctly: Don’t stuff too many blankets in the drum. They need room to move and rinse freely, and overloading causes uneven cleaning.
  • Use mild detergent: Stick to gentle liquid detergents, not harsh powdered types. Make sure all traces are rinsed out.
  • Air dry: Put blankets in the dryer only if the label says tumble dry is okay. Air drying is the safest bet.
  • Reshape: As blankets air dry, gently smooth or reshape the edges and corners to maintain the proper dimensions.
  • Spot clean: Freshen up blankets between washes by spot-cleaning soiled areas with mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Wash annually: For best results, wash lightweight blankets at least once a year. Heavy-use blankets may need washing every six months.

Following the proper steps when laundering your blankets keeps them looking fluffy and bright for many years. Refer to our tips above to make washing blankets in your machine quick, easy, and effective.


Washing machine cycles vary, so always first defer to the blanket care label instructions. The delicate cycle paired with cold water generally allows for the safe cleaning of most materials. Reshaping and air drying help blankets maintain their size, texture, and softness after washing.

With the proper steps for your specific blanket type, machine washing protects your investment in cherished blankets while keeping them fresh and clean for cozy use. Treat blankets gently and allow plenty of time for air drying before putting them back on the bed or sofa. Our tips will help make blanket washing day as easy as pushing a button.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you wash electric blankets in the washing machine?

Yes, most electric blankets can be washed in the washing machine, but they require special care. Use only a gentle cycle with cold water. Always air dry completely before using or storing to prevent damage to internal wiring.

How do you wash a crochet blanket?

Hand wash or use the delicate cycle and cold water to machine wash crochet blankets. Lay flat to dry. Place blankets in a mesh bag first to prevent snagging. Use a fabric softener for added softness.

Should you wash Sherpa’s blankets?

Yes, you should wash sherpa blankets periodically to remove odors, dust, and other buildup. Machine wash using cold water and the delicate cycle. Lay flat and reshape to air dry. Never put Sherpa blankets in the dryer.

Can you put wool blankets in the washing machine?

Wool blankets are typically machine washable if you use a gentle laundry detergent made specially for wool. Wash only using the delicate cycle and cold water. Always air-dry wool blankets flat after washing. Never use fabric softener.

How often should you wash blankets?

Most blankets need washing every 6 to 12 months with regular use. Lightweight blankets should be washed at least once a year. Heavy-use blankets may need washing more frequently, such as every 3 to 6 months. Always check for musty odors or visible soil buildup.

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