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How to deep clean carpet yourself within 30 minutes

If we have something to thank the carpets is the warmth, comfort and good style that these accessories provide our spaces in the home. What better way to thank them for all the comfort that our carpets give us by providing them with good care. That is why in this installment we will give you several suggestions. In this article, we are presenting how to deep clean carpet yourself within half hour. So that, you can give your carpets good maintenance and thus make your life more lasting.

How to deep clean carpet yourself

deep clean carpet

One of the ways to make our carpets last for many years in good condition is to walk barefoot on them. That is, remove our shoes to enter the house, so it will be much less the wear and tear that they will have.

One of the cleaning implements that we must compulsorily purchase once we choose to have carpets at home is the vacuum cleaner. This great cleaning assistant should not miss at home. So, keep carpets clean by vacuuming them constantly. But not everyone knows how to vacuum a carpet, even if it seems like a very simple exercise.

When vacuuming a carpet you must take into account the hair’s sense and aim in that direction, never against it as it will deteriorate it. It is advisable to vacuum the carpets every three or four days, depending on the type of hairs they have, the longer they are, the more often they should be vacuumed. Even if you have children at home or people with allergies, the frequency would be higher, even daily.

How to take care of carpet?

take care of carpet

To minimize the entrance of dust to the house and, therefore, to the carpets. It is a good option to place some smaller carpets in the entrance door. It calls doormats and that have messages of welcome, thus we will leave most of the pollutants at the entrance.

Although we try to avoid spills of liquid on carpets at all costs, sometimes we do not have the little ones of the house or the occasional visit that escapes an inevitable spill. When this happens, clean it immediately. This way you will prevent the stain from drying out and then it will be harder to remove it, which could cause an ugly permanent stain.

Clean carpets

The best way to clean these spills on carpets is to place an absorbent paper on the stain, immediately. Leave it until it completely absorbs the liquid. In the event that the spill is of grease, it can be resolved immediately by cleaning it with dishwashing detergent, if it is a much better liquid.

In the event that, despite treating the spill immediately, you did not succeed in preventing the stain from remaining. You can use a cloth moistened in water-reduced ammonia and vacuum. Another natural remedy for removing stains on carpets is baking soda dissolved in vinegar.

carpet shampoo

Use shampoo

There are varieties of shampoos for carpets on the market, it is good that you have one on hand for when these accidents occur, as many people choose to place a kind of path on the carpet. It made with material from the same carpet, in that way, guarantee that the original carpet suffers less wear and tear due to use.

Something very little related to the care of carpets is the filter of air conditioners. If we do not give proper maintenance to these filters, it can mean that the amount of dust in the environment is much greater. Therefore, more dust for our carpets. And if we do not have time to use the vacuum cleaner often, this can become a big problem.


In the case that there are domestic animals at home, the aspirate of the carpet should be done more regularly. The animals shed a lot of hairs every day, as well as animal dander, mites, among others. So, having pets at home makes the need for caring for carpets more acute. Especially if there are children too since all that dust could cause respiratory problems for the little ones.

Another important and effective home remedy for caring for carpets is baking soda. A portion of baking soda in three of water, you apply it on the total surface of your carpet and then proceed to vacuum it.

The baking soda, not only serves to remove stains but also lightens the color of the carpet if it is widely used. This mixture can be applied using a plastic brush.

Tricks to clean chocolate stains from the carpet

chocolate stains

Also, a portion of blue soap diluted in warm water is very useful for this task of removing stains from carpets. So that you manage to maintain the softness in the carpet, at least once a week, prepare a mixture of softener and water, trying not to be too liquid. Once you have cleaned the carpet, apply the fabric softener and then place them to dry or vacuum them.

In this way, especially if the carpet is long hair, you can maintain an excellent condition the smoothness of the carpet.

Even in spite of all the care, you are willing to give your carpets, and we are sure you will do a good job, do not rule out the help of a professional. To do this, contact the services of professionals in the cleaning and care of carpets, at least once a year, so that they give deep cleaning.

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