Decorate Banquet Chairs Without Covers

How to Decorate Banquet Chairs Without Covers?

Banquet chairs are a staple for large events and gatherings. While often Functional and budget-friendly, their minimal design can also leave them looking plain. If you want to add some pizzazz to your banquet chairs without going to the expense of covers, there are plenty of creative ways to dress them up! With a little imagination and effort, you can transform boring banquet chairs into beautiful, on-theme additions to your event decor.

Why Decorate Banquet Chairs?

You may be wondering why you should even bother decorating basic banquet chairs. After all, covers seem like the easiest option. Here are some great reasons to decorate them yourself:

Why Decorate Banquet Chairs

Cost Savings

Covers can be expensive, especially if you need them for dozens of chairs. Decorating the chairs yourself is a budget-friendly alternative.


Covers limit you to certain colors and fabrics. Decorating yourself allows for total creative freedom and customization.

Visual Impact

A sea of plain banquet chairs can look boring. Decorated chairs add visual interest and flair.

Theme Unity

Decorated chairs let you incorporate your theme and bring all the elements together in a cohesive way.

Planning Your Design

Before decorating, think about your overall vision. Here are some things to consider:

Event Theme

Choose decor that fits with your overall theme or wedding motif. Enhance, don’t overwhelm.

Venue Style

Factor in the style of your venue. Aim for cohesive decor that complements the location.

Color Scheme

Determine a color scheme and stick to it. Repetition of colors is key for unity.


Know how much you want to spend and pick affordable materials. Recycling and reusing is great for budgets.


Leave adequate time for decorating and allow items like glue and paint to dry. Rushed jobs look sloppy.

Skill Level

Be honest about your skill level. Avoid overly complex designs if you lack crafting experience.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Chairs

Creative Ideas for Decorating Chairs

Now comes the fun part – deciding exactly how to decorate your banquet chairs! Here are some creative ideas to spark your inspiration:

Fabric Accents

  • Bows – Adhere a big bow to the chair back for a soft, elegant look. Use different fabrics to complement your color scheme.
  • Sashes – Wrap fabric sashes vertically around the chair back and seat for a cute embellishment.
  • Chair bands – Wrap fabric around the base of the chair back as a pretty band of color.


  • Flower garlands – Drape flower garlands over chair backs for a romantic look. Opt for soft blooms like roses or peonies.
  • Single stem flowers – Place a single flower stem in a small vase or bottle attached to each chair. Simple and chic!
  • Wreaths – Hang mini wreaths on chair backs as pretty accents. Decorate them with ribbons for extra whimsy.

Paper Decor

  • Tassels – Make paper tassels in your wedding colors and attach them to the tops of the chairs. Fun and festive!
  • Tissue paper flowers – Adhere large tissue paper flowers to the chair back for pops of color.
  • Paper pompoms – Cluster paper pompoms together on the seats or backs of chairs using floral wire or tape.


  • Garlands – Drape eucalyptus, ivy, or olive branches over the chairs in a natural-looking garland.
  • Leaf bunches – Tie bunches of large leaves like ferns or palm fronds to the chair backs with twine or ribbon.
  • Herb bundles – Wrap herbs like rosemary, lavender, or sage into bundles attached to chairs for fragrance.


  • Twinkle lights – Wrap clear twinkle lights around the backs and legs of chairs for a magical glow.
  • Lanterns – Suspend small lanterns or tea lights from chairs using wire or ribbon for warmth.
  • Neon signs – Affix customizable neon signs to chair backs to display wedding hashtags or cute sayings.

DIY Details

  • Paint – Use metallic spray paint on chair legs or backs for an eye-catching shimmer.
  • Chalkboard paint – Paint chair backs with chalkboard paint so guests can sign them.
  • Stencils – Use stencils and spray paint to add patterns, names, or dates to the chair seats or backs.
  • Chair signage – Hot glue acrylic signs saying things like “The Happy Couple” or the couple’s names to the chairs.

Decorating Step-by-Step

Ready to get decorating? Follow these steps for a foolproof process:

1. Gather Your Materials

Pull together everything you’ll need like fabric, flowers, paint, glue, etc. Check that quantities are sufficient for all chairs.

2. Prep the Chairs

Wipe chairs down with a clean damp cloth. Remove any dust or dirt so decorations adhere properly.

3. Add Embellishments

Work on one chair at a time. Glue, tie, tape, pin, or wire items in place securely. Work slowly and carefully.

4. Allow Time to Dry

Let any glue, paint, or adhesive dry fully before moving chairs. Rushing could ruin the decor.

5. Add Finishing Touches

Once the main decor is done, add those little extras like ribbons, signs, or battery-operated lights.

6. Set Up Properly

Place decorated chairs strategically in your layout. Have them face outward so decor shows.

7. Check Overall Look

Step back and look at the full setup. Make any tweaks so the decor looks cohesive.

8. Maintain the Decor

Have a kit for touch ups on hand during the event in case decor gets damaged. Assign someone to oversee.

Follow these tips and you can have stunning, professional-looking decorated banquet chairs that fit perfectly with your event theme and wow your guests!

Example Chair Designs

Need some visual inspiration for your banquet chair decor? Here are a few examples of creative designs:

Blush Pink & Greenery Wedding

  • Light pink fabric sashes tied to chair backs
  • Wreaths of pink roses and eucalyptus on chairs
  • Tiny vases with single blush peonies attached to backs

Luxe Black & Gold Event

  • Black chair frames with gold spray-painted legs
  • Gold charger plates hot glued to seat backs
  • Black bows tied to tops of chair backs

Whimsical Garden Party

  • Mismatched pastel fabric bows in yellow, pink, blue, etc.
  • Random assortment of artificial flowers pinned to seats
  • Wicker and lace butterflies dangling from backs

Holiday Party

  • Twinkle lights spiraling down chair legs
  • Plaid ribbon sashes and bows in red, green and white
  • Sprigs of cedar, pine or holly tied to backs

Backyard BBQ Bash

  • Checkered fabric tied on the diagonal of seat backs
  • Bandanas folded into bows on chairs
  • Tip: Use waterproof materials if outdoors

See how easy it is to transform bland banquet chairs into beautiful additions to your event decor! Now let your creativity run wild.

Tips for Decorating Success

To ensure your chair decorating runs smoothly and yields stunning results, keep these top tips in mind:

  • Choose durable materials that can withstand movement and wear and tear during the event. Avoid delicate flowers or intricate details that can fall apart.
  • If using adhesives, make sure they are strong enough to bond securely and won’t loosen. Reinforce with ties or wire if needed.
  • Set up a staging area with all your supplies and get organized before decorating. Chaos yields chaos!
  • Recruit help and assign chairs to decorate in an assembly line fashion. Many hands make light work.
  • Allow more time than you think you’ll need. Decorating is tedious and takes longer than it appears.
  • Start with one chair as your prototype/model. Perfect it then replicate the design on the remaining chairs.
  • Photograph your chairs from all angles once finished to spot anything that needs tweaking for a cohesive look.
  • Mix up your designs so chairs don’t look too matchy-matchy. Repetition with some variation is key.
  • Incorporate weighty items low on the chair to avoid tipping hazards. Light decor higher up is best.
  • Test chairs for comfort and stability when finished. Remove anything poking or hazardous before guests arrive.

Money-Saving Hacks

Money-Saving Hacks

Looking to decorate your banquet chairs on a budget? Employ these savvy tips:

Shop Discount Stores

Check dollar stores, craft stores, thrift shops and online sellers for affordable supplies. Buying in bulk yields deals.

Use What You Already Have

Look for decor you can repurpose from around your home, garden or office like ribbons, vases, and knickknacks. Get creative!

Borrow From Friends

Ask friends if they have unused decor items from past events that they’d lend you. Most people are happy to help out.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Consider renting pricier items like chivari chairs, chargers, and specialty linens that give a luxe look without the cost.

Prioritize Key Areas

Splurge selectively on statement decor in high traffic spots. Do simple accents on chairs around the perimeter that guests notice less.

Embrace Imperfection

Minor imperfections are ok and expected with DIY decor. They give it charm! Unless you’re a pro, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Work With What You’ve Got

You can make simple banquet chairs look chic! Avoid the temptation to purchase unnecessary upgrades. Decorating goes a long way.


What’s the easiest way to decorate banquet chairs?

The easiest route is using simple accents like fabric sashes or bows. These just tie on without glue or other adhesives. Floral wreaths or garlands are also very simple.

Should I decorate chairs in rows or leave empty seats between?

This depends on your layout and space. Decorating chairs in uninterrupted rows enables you to see the designs better. But leaving gaps can give a sleeker, less crowded aesthetic.

What supplies do I need to decorate chairs?

Basic craft supplies like fabric, ribbons, artificial florals, string lights, vases, paint, chalkboard paint, stencils, glue gun, zip ties, wire, etc. Shop discount and dollar stores for deals.

How do I attach decorations securely?

Use strong adhesives like E6000 glue or hot glue from a gun. Reinforce ribbons and fabric with staples. For weightier items, use zip ties, binder clips or command hooks. Don’t just set decor on chairs loosely.

Should I decorate chairs before or after setting them up?

It’s best to decorate chairs before putting them in place. This allows you to work at a table at your own pace, without straining. Once decorated, carefully move them into position.


Transforming inexpensive banquet chairs into beautiful additions to your event decor is much easier than it seems. With some basic craft supplies, creativity and elbow grease, you can make them fit perfectly with your theme and wow your guests. Just be sure to allow enough time for the process and enlist help if needed. How to remove chair rail By learning this simple DIY technique, you not only transform your space but also save money, which can then be used to splurge on other aspects of your event. Incorporating these decorating tricks can take your setup from boring to breathtaking!

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