How to combine tables and chairs

How to combine tables and chairs: All the style combinations

Designing the dining room means paying attention to a very important environment. When it comes to sharing food, in fact, it is necessary to take care of every detail of the furnishing elements that are the protagonists of the environment. In the case of the dining room, the main ones are undoubtedly tables and chairs.

Matching them chromatically, based on the material or style, is essential and in the next few lines, we are going to detail some advice on this. You just have to follow us to discover some simple tips that will allow you to make your space unique.

Tables and chairs combined with style

How to combine tables and chairs

The first step is to understand what style you want to give to the dining room.

We all know the classic rules of combining tables and chairs: each piece of furniture follows the same style and is made of the same material.

A few examples? If you opt for the wood-metal combination for the table, the same approach must be taken for the chairs.

The same search for harmony can be made talking about finishes. A table with matte finishes generally does not look great combined with chairs which, on the other hand, are characterized by the presence of glossy finishes.

In the next paragraphs, we want to explore some combinations of more avant-garde tables and chairs!

The classic table with modern chairs

Furnishing the dining room or living room is a moment of real fun for many. For example, those with a beating heart for eclectic furniture can choose to combine completely different styles. The fundamental rule? Create a stark contrast.

For example, you can combine a classic or even antique table and surround it with modern design chairs. A tip can be to combine a wooden table, the classic material par excellence, with modern chairs. A mix of styles that can give a touch of originality to your room.

Functional space: how to combine tables and chairs?

When placing tables and chairs together, the functionality must also be taken into account: after all, we are furnishing a space that will have to be used in everyday life and therefore, in this case, beauty is not everything.

A case in point can be that of extendable tables: they are the preferred solution for those who love tidy spaces but at the same time want to host friends and relatives.

In this case, which combination of chairs should you choose?

A first solution, the one that veers more towards efficiency, could be to choose chairs that are not too bulky so as to be able to make sure to use all the space that the table can provide once opened.

If, on the other hand, you love to dare, this type of table can allow you to go one step further. You can choose to combine chairs that are all different from each other; after all, it is an option that is often implemented in these circumstances, but this time it will be a conscious choice!

Yes, this is a super creative option that, when handled well, can make a great impression!

Materials and combinations: how to combine chairs and tables

When you need to combine tables and chairs in the dining room, harmony must be emphasized.

As already mentioned above, we must not forget that we are talking about furnishing elements that must respond to two fundamental rules: design and functionality, and neither of the two characteristics must be put aside.

Wood, iron, glass; let’s understand together what are the best match methods for each material.

Wood, a classic: how to combine chairs with a wooden table?

The advice on how to combine tables and chairs in the dining room or living room can only take into consideration a material loved by many: wood.

When you want to make a warm environment, the protagonist is almost always the wood. To ensure that the tables and chairs are preserved in the best possible way, it is advisable to move towards the hardest possible woods. By resorting to softwoods, there is, in fact, the risk of having to deal, over time, with anti-aesthetic signs.

In this case, to ensure that the color of the wood of the chairs and table is the same, our advice is to rely on the same company.

If, on the other hand, you want to push yourself towards more daring combinations, we have seen that a good method is to combine especially different chairs with the table: once again, we reiterate when it is essential to make sure that the combination is in stark contrast.

What if you love an industrial style? Surely you can rely on the combination of wood and metal. A modern but welcoming combination that can give a touch of personality to the dining room.

Which chairs to combine with a glass table?

A symbol of elegance, glass or crystal tables is difficult to match.

How to manage to maintain the class of this furniture, giving a touch of modernity?

One strategy can be to match the chairs to the material or color of the table base; if the glass is colored, a good tactic is to match the chairs to the color of the glass.

A touch of elegance, class and modernity? Combine white chairs with a table with white glass: the total white effect will make the environment you are furnishing brighter and chicer!

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