How to build a steam shower

How to build a steam shower? Step by step guideline

In this DIY task, we suggest you how to build a steam shower. It will allow us to place it in the bathroom or the storage room of the house. The steam shower comes in a complete kit that includes all the parts and accessories necessary for its installation. It is a steam shower of one square meter, so it will allow us to put it in the place that seems appropriate to the house, without the need of having to have a lot of space.

The side panels of Scandinavian spruce, sandwich-type, go tongue and groove together, achieving a perfect seal in the cabin. Also, the pieces are treated to withstand high temperatures and humidity, so they are very appropriate for this type of work.

In the market we will find different models of steam showers, of different sizes, that will adapt perfectly to our tastes and needs. They are equipped with bunk beds or benches, and the interior accessories can be of many different shapes.

How to build a steam shower

The essential element of the steam shower is the electrical equipment that generates the heat, heating the air to get a very high temperature in its interior while obtaining a very low level of humidity, due to the effect of absorption of the wood.

How to build a steam shower?

  • Tools
  • Driver drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Materials
  • Steam shower kit
  • Mounting adhesive

Step 1

assemble the steam shower

Once we have removed the parts and fittings from the package and verified that they are all that the manufacturer indicates in the instructions, we begin to assemble the steam shower. We present the pieces of the perimeter base ring on the floor and join them together with the lag screws that come in the kit. To perform this work, we will use the drill driver and a suitable tip.

Step 2


After, we began to assemble the first modules with their corresponding corners. The pieces come mechanized, that is to say, with all the orifices done. So, we will only have to introduce the corners in the slot of the module, making the holes coincide, and insert the lag screws.

Step 3

butt plate

Fit the other module to the other side of the butt plate. After fixing it with the corresponding lag screws. We fit the assembly in one of the angles of the lower perimeter ring. At the time of introducing the screws, we will have to make sure that the heads of them are well flush with the wood.

Step 4

spruce panels

Following the same procedure, we continue placing more Scandinavian spruce panels, sandwich-type, with an insulating material inside, until lifting three walls of the steam shower.

Step 5


All the pieces are for females and to join them, neap and groove together. We will always have to put some pieces of intermediate wood or tabs that come in the kit.

Step 6


Next, very careful not to break the glass, we put the door with its frame, and we also put the last panel, fixing it with some screws.

Step 7

metal brackets

Once the perimeter of the walls is closed, we fit the four pieces of the upper ring on the modules and join them together, with the metal brackets and lag screws. Then, we fix the upper ring to the modules with longer screws, which also contains the kit.

Step 8

interior accessories

It is the turn of the interior accessories. We will start by fixing the supports for the benches in their place, introducing the screws in the holes prepared for it.

Step 9

aeration grid

Next, we place an aeration grid in its position.

Step 10


We also put the two banks at different heights and the backrest, as the manufacturer tells us.

Step 11

metallic support

We fix the metallic support for the heater with some screws. This support, made of stainless steel, will protect the wood when we install the heater.

Step 12


In the same way, we place the lamp and the tulip that comes in the kit, with the appropriate lag screws. You should never use another lamp other than the one that contains the steam shower set; it is prepared to withstand humidity and high temperatures.

Step 13


To put the screen, we will have to make some holes in the module to introduce some hooks and then hang the piece.

Step 14


Now we will cover the roof of the cabin, tongue and groove the two upper pieces and fixing them to the upper ring with some screws.

Step 15

After we will have to make the electrical connections between the four key elements: thermostat, lamp, heater and control panel. We peel the ends of the cables and following the manufacturer’s instructions; we insert them into the corresponding terminals.

Step 16

The next step is to place the outer socket of the steam shower. We apply mounting adhesive on the back of the piece and fix it in its position.

Finally, we put the heating device in its support and put the stones and check that the steam shower works properly. We wait until it reaches the ideal temperature, approximately 90º and we add the aromatic essences. The product should be diluted with water. To avoid possible mishaps, be careful not to leave anything on the stones of the heater, even if you are not using the steam shower.

We have the steam shower finished! You have already seen how easy it is to assemble this type of steam shower at home. Now, we can enjoy its benefits when we get tired of work or after sports.

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