Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2019

Hardwood flooring is increasingly popular as it is durable and easy to maintain, and it looks elegant and stylish in any kind of room. It can also suit a variety of decor styles. If you are a landlord checking your property when someone moves out you will want to be in and out with ease.  An Inspection app that can be sourced from sites like https://propertyinspect.com/ will allow for pictures to be taken and problems to be recorded and work to be scheduled in.

Like all home products, there are trends in hardwood flooring. Here are some more of the directions being taken.

Wire-brushed floors

Wire-brushed floors are a relatively new trend that is increasing in popularity. Wire brushing pulls the soft grain from the growth ring, giving a subtle, etched texture to the surface of the wood and enhancing the graining. It gives your floors a vintage style and masks everyday wear and tear.

Wider planks

The trend of wider planks is also on the rise. Instead of the more common 2 1/4 inch widths that have been popular in recent years, people are choosing 3 1/4 or bigger. Wider planks make your room seem more spacious.

Multi-width planks

Multi-width planks make for a traditional look. Before wooden flooring was engineered, this was how people got the best out of the wood that they had. This is not the first time that multi-width flooring has come back into fashion, so be aware that it could date your room. For more wooden flooring trends, check out The Flooring Girl.


Chevron is a zig-zag pattern of short lengths of wood. Unlike herringbone floors, where the zig-zag planks overlap, Chevron floors are laid in crisp, sharp V-shapes, giving a dynamic, contemporary appearance. This look can be pricey, however, because the planks must be cut at a precise angle and the work takes skill.

Farmhouse and weathered planks

Otherwise known as shabby chic, this is a return to older styles of flooring, often refinishing existing old floors or using reclaimed wood. It can make a room seem comfortable and friendly, with the wear and differences in width and colour adding character to the floor and the room.

Using domestic woods

Finally, there is a growing trend to use domestic hardwoods such as oak, pine or maple rather than exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry or Tigerwood. The colours are cooler and more muted, with fewer red tones, and they don’t date as quickly.

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