Furniture with Wooden Pallets

Furniture with Wooden Pallets trends 2019

More and more people are joining the ecological movement making furniture with wooden pallets and forget to buy classic furniture for the home. A current that increasingly has more followers and that completely changes the aesthetics of a house.

Surely you have noticed that today we can have many things “DIY ” (Do it yourself). Useful objects made by ourselves, almost always made with recycling materials or that generate a very low impact on the environment.

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

If you are one of those who do not lose the opportunity to reuse bottles, newspapers, boxes of fruit or wines, we invite you to put them to work and try to decorate with pallet furniture. It is a trend that is very fashionable and the results are very satisfactory.

And if what you like is the style of these furnitures, but not DIY, the stores are full of pieces already finished so you only have to think where to put them.

The pallets are wooden structures, which you have probably seen in the big supermarkets. They are used to place merchandise and move it easily throughout the establishments or to transport it in the truck.

Little by little, furniture with wooden pallets have gained much popularity, as they are ideal as bases for tables, visitor banks and even beds. There is an infinity of furniture made with pallets. The best of all is that you can find them in different materials, being the wood that is given more uses.

If you dare, you can buy them in physical stores, online stores or even ask transport companies or department stores if they could give you one, because many times they take them to recycle.

This makes them a much more attractive decoration option since you pay little or in some cases, no money. And it is a durable product that can be converted into basically what you want.

With a little time and a little more imagination, you can create a lot of furniture with wooden pallets. It does not matter if you want them for the interior of the house, for the garden or the terrace, because in any case they work very well providing a vintage touch.

Some objects need more material than others, but this depends on what you want to achieve because they adapt to all styles and are very versatile.

The most popular wooden pallet furniture

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

We have seen some furniture ideas with pallets, but to make a summary and make it easy if you do not know what you are looking for, let’s review the most popular of 2019.

Pallet tables

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

To the old pallets, you can adapt some small wheels on the bottom and a glass on the top to get a graceful table made with pallets, which I assure you will capture the view of those who visit you.

Pallet beds

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

Forget about spending on beds that after a while will start to sound and even fall apart. The bed’s pallets are the best option but make sure to sand them first and barnizarlos to ensure durability.

Pallet shelves

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

Almost never you should add something else because they can work by themselves. All you have to do is place them on a wall or on top of a piece of furniture and start filling them with things. The shelves of pallets help you save space because it can fit many things.

Sofas and armchairs of pallets

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

The furniture with wooden pallets for the garden is the latest trend and they are very attractive and the fact that they are made of wood does not diminish their elegance when decorating a room. In its simplest version, you just have to incorporate a cushion on top.

Pallet hanger

Furniture with Wooden Pallets

It is perhaps one of the easiest items to make since the only thing you have to do is to sand the pallet, paint it to your liking and place the appliqué that will serve as supports. Fast and easy!

So you already know, it is not necessary that you are an expert in interior design to decorate with pallets following the latest trends, both inside and outside of your home. With little budget and a lot of creativity, you can make the most of this material that is undoubtedly great.

Get a varnish, brushes, paint and let your imagination fly to create furniture with wooden pallets and capture the attention of all those who visit you.

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