Exploring the Latest Trends in Interior Design

Interior design trends are constantly changing. While some might feel like a flash-in-the-pan fad, others could have a lasting impact.

Multifunctional furniture that serves various purposes is a trend that will continue to gain popularity in 2023. This will include storage beds and extendable dining tables.

Fusion of materials will also be a major design trend in 2023. This will involve using contrasting elements such as wood and concrete.

Curves and Organic Shapes

The angular, geometric lines that were so popular in years past are replaced with gentle curves and organic shapes. From rounded sofas to flowing arches, softer lines create a calm and soothing atmosphere in living spaces.

These softer shapes can soften sharp edges in cabinetry, window frames and other architectural details. A Denver interior design firm also works well with more contemporary design styles.

Adding texture to interiors is another trend that’s continuing into 2023. Designers use soft, nubby, and huggable fabrics from velvet to boucle.

Textures also tie into sustainable interior design trends, as these elements are often made from natural materials found locally. This is a great way to minimize environmental impacts and support the local economy.


Unlike the more understated minimalism design trend that has held sway for years, maximalism embraces a “more is more” philosophy. It’s a lush style that encapsulates numerous colors, patterns and textures to create a room full of personality.

Maximalist designs often feature a mix of styles, from retro furniture to bohemian macrame wall decorations, and don’t adhere to traditional style rules. This allows them to showcase personal taste without feeling cluttered.

Maximalist designs can be a great way to express your individuality and passions, as they can include beloved art pieces, collections of trinkets and even heirlooms. However, it’s important to be mindful when implementing this design style to ensure your space is manageable. To keep the look fresh, focus on displaying your favorite objects organized.


Vintage trends in interior design

Revisiting beloved styles from the past is another current interior design trend. This is a great way to add warmth and character to any space. Look for more curved furniture pieces and circular decor. Kinked and wavy wood surfaces are also becoming increasingly popular as a cladding option for home extensions.

Light gray has been a go-to color for years, but designers now want to incorporate warmer shades. Hues like sage green and faded indigo bring a sense of comfort to a room while accenting natural elements.

Finally, a focus on sustainability is making its way into many designs. From bamboo floors to reclaimed materials, this trend is about embracing nature and making it a part of our homes. This trend can make any room feel more comfortable and inviting, whether used as a material or simply as a decorative element.

Fusion of Materials

Fusion design allows designers to explore contrasting textures and styles. For example, a room might feature the somber deep brown of antique wood and the glistening sheen of space-age steel. In a fusion style, the choice of color can also serve as a unifying theme.

Curves and organic shapes replace boxy edges and clear lines in 2023 furniture and decor. Puffy sofas and chairs, round tables, and circular artwork bring room softness while adding visual interest.

Natural materials and sustainability are also important to homeowners, with a greater emphasis on incorporating elements such as sustainable bamboo floors, houseplants, and one-of-a-kind accent pieces. Flexibility is another important trend, with multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans doubling as seating and home office desks that transform into dining tables.

Function Fluidity

One of the most important aspects of interior design is ensuring that spaces flow naturally. This means providing clear pathways and that furniture doesn’t obstruct movement. In addition, incorporating transitional spaces can help create a seamless visual transition from one area to the next.

A heightened focus on functionality also means that even utilitarian areas are getting designer treatment. This includes mudrooms and laundry rooms, which can be transformed into sophisticated living spaces with the right furniture and accessories.

Of course, the best interior design trends will last long beyond this year’s fashion fads and into 2023. So, watch for the following home decor and furniture trends set to stand the test of time.

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