Checklist For Planning Your Dream Bathroom Makeover

The Essential Checklist For Planning Your Dream Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom renovation is a big project with lots of decisions and unanticipated difficulties. To help you avoid costly mistakes and stay on track, use this handy checklist to plan your dream bathroom makeover. Making a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional requires careful material selection. Many options exist, including mildew-resistant paint, porcelain tiles, and exhaust fans.


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to bathroom renovations. From aesthetics to functionality, it’s crucial to nail down a design layout that works for your home and lifestyle. It could mean ditching your underused tub for a luxurious shower or adding a double vanity to accommodate a growing family. Working with Kitchen & Bath by Design company to prioritize your needs and wants in advance can be beneficial.


Aesthetics is an essential consideration for bathroom fixtures. Many design options can elevate the look and feel of your home. It would help if you also considered each fixture’s durability and maintenance. Certain materials are easier to maintain than others, which can impact your renovation’s overall cost. It’s worth considering luxury additions at this planning stage, too – these can’t usually be added after a renovation is underway.


A key component of your bathroom remodel is deciding on the type of flooring you want. There are a few different options available, including tile and stone.

Bathrooms are great places for tile because it’s easy to clean and long-lasting. It is available in an array of hues and designs as well. If you love the look of hardwood floors but are concerned about moisture, consider engineered wood instead. This option is designed to resist moisture damage better than solid wood.


Choosing lighting that complements your style and creates the right ambiance is essential. It includes recessed lighting, pendants or sconces over a vanity, or a chandelier over a soaking tub. Also, consider incorporating natural lighting when possible; it’s suitable for ventilation and makes the room feel bigger. A skylight is a great option!


Bathroom accessories should reflect your personality and suit your overall design scheme. Invest in some art that will withstand moisture and steam, or hang a framed photo of your favorite beach. Clear out your existing room before your renovation begins, and follow any decluttering method you like. Ensure you have storage in your new bathroom or elsewhere to store items you may want to keep.


Once you’ve established your bathroom goals, it’s time to choose fixtures. You can find various options to fit your style and budget, including eco-friendly choices that help you reduce water consumption. Consider the space requirements of each fixture, such as storage for washcloths and towels, makeup, hair appliances, extra toiletries, and more. Also, look for consistency in design and finish to create a cohesive aesthetic.


A bathroom renovation can involve relocating pipes. For example, if you want a recessed medicine cabinet in your bathroom but your plumbing pipes run inside your wall, you’ll need to reconfigure those pipes. Early planning will help you stay on course and make sure your remodeling goals are realized. A great relationship with your contractor will make the process even more enjoyable!


Ensure you have a dedicated bathroom circuit and enough outlets to accommodate everything from hair dryers to electric razors. All outlets should be GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) for safety. Determining where you want power outlets before you start construction is also a good idea. Shifting outlets a few inches could be problematic later on and may require plumbing changes.


The design of your bathroom is essential because it influences aesthetics and functionality. Changing your design mid-remodel can be costly because moving fixtures may impact plumbing, electrical, and ventilation. Consider the style of your home and your taste when choosing a bathroom design. Select a design that complements your sink, toilet, shower, and tub—all of which come in various sizes and styles.


Your budget is one of the most important aspects of any renovation project. Determining a budget beforehand is essential to understand what is possible within your budget. Adding luxury features like a soaking tub or custom countertops can add up fast. And electrical work, which professional electricians typically do, is a significant cost to consider.

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