Bathroom Floor Cabinets

The Essential Guide to Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Bathroom floor cabinets are an often overlooked storage solution that can help maximize your bathroom’s organization and functionality. Installing floor cabinets along your bathroom walls or corners is an easy way to gain more space for storing toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and other essentials.

When shopping for bathroom floor cabinets, there are a few key factors to consider depending on your needs:

Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage Solutions

The primary purpose of a bathroom floor cabinet is efficient storage. Here are some of the most common items people store in their floor cabinets:

Toiletries and Medicines

Floor cabinets with shelves are great for holding lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, Q-tips, bandages, prescription medications, and other toiletries you use daily or weekly. Having them easily accessible in a floor cabinet helps keep your counters clutter-free.

Cleaning Supplies

Storing cleaning products like sprays, wipes, gloves, extra toilet paper, and scrub brushes out of sight in a floor cabinet creates a tidier look for your bathroom. Floor cabinets with doors allow you to conceal the items fully fully.

Towels and Washcloths

Roll up extra towels and fold washcloths to place them in a floor cabinet to free up rod or shelf space. The bottom cabinet shelf is perfect for neatly organizing these linens.

Hair Styling Tools

Store hair dryers, curling and flat irons, brushes, and other styling tools in a floor cabinet to keep them protected and out of the way. Cabinets with built-in electrical outlets are ideal for plugging in and operating your hot hair tools.

First Aid Supplies

For safety and convenience, keep a well-stocked first aid kit with bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, thermometer, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment, and other medical essentials in a bathroom floor cabinet.

Spare Parts and Tools

Use a floor cabinet to hold spare bottles of shampoo and soap, light bulbs, batteries, toilet plunger, toilet paper rolls, and any small hand tools needed for minor bathroom repairs. This keeps them organized and close at hand when needed.

White Bathroom Floor Cabinets

White Bathroom Floor Cabinets

A white floor cabinet has a clean, bright look that matches most bathrooms. The white color blends seamlessly into the background, allowing decorative tiles, hardware, and accessories to stand out.

Benefits of a white bathroom floor cabinet include:

  • It makes a small bathroom look more open and airy
  • It provides a neutral backdrop that complements any color scheme
  • It looks crisp against popular bathroom materials like white marble countertops and subway tiles
  • Conceals contents while still providing a visible storage solution
  • It is easier to maintain since dirt and dust don’t show up as much
  • Classic, timeless color that fits traditional and modern bathrooms

Painting an existing cabinet white or purchasing a pre-assembled white cabinet are easy ways to incorporate this versatile color into your space. Opt for a glossy white for a sleek, contemporary vibe or a distressed white finish for a shabby chic style.

Narrow Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Narrow floor storage cabinets are great options when bathroom space is limited. A slim cabinet with a width of around 12 to 18 inches can fit alongside toilets or in other tight areas that can’t accommodate a full-size cabinet.

The benefits of installing a narrow bathroom floor cabinet include the following:

  • Utilizes wasted space between studs or around plumbing fixtures
  • Provides discreet storage that doesn’t clutter up the room’s traffic lanes
  • Allows doors and drawers to fully open without hitting adjacent walls or vanities
  • Can be tucked next to shower or tub surrounds to hold towels and toiletries
  • It fits in corners, allowing access from two sides
  • Installs easily with anchors or cut precisely to nestle between walls
  • A scaled-down size creates a lighter visual impact than a bulky cabinet

Look for narrow floor cabinets with adjustable shelves, pull-out trays, or slide-out drawers to maximize storage capabilities. Also, consider open shelving units that don’t require any floor space for hardware.

Bathroom Floor Cabinets for Small Spaces

Bathrooms with limited square footage require intelligent storage solutions. Floor cabinets explicitly designed for small bathrooms can provide plenty of organization without overwhelming the compact room.

Ideal features of floor cabinets for small bathrooms include:

  • Shorter Height: Cabinets around 30 to 40 inches tall take up less visual space than standard height.
  • Narrow Width: Slim rectangular cabinets around 15 inches wide can fit in unused alcoves or gaps between fixtures.
  • Corner Design: Triangular cabinets nestled into corners are space-savvy and allow access from two sides.
  • Dual Purpose: Cabinets with a built-in hamper, sink, or other features add storage without requiring additional furniture.
  • Wall-Hung Style: Floating cabinets installed a few inches above the floor are leg-free to allow thorough cleaning underneath.
  • Open Shelving: Doorless units with adjustable shelves provide storage while maintaining an airy, relaxed aesthetic.
  • Mirrored Doors: Visually enlarge the space using mirrors to conceal contents.

Selecting floor cabinets tailored explicitly to small bathrooms creates a clutter-free environment, even in the tiniest spaces.

Black Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Black Bathroom Floor Cabinets

A black floor cabinet introduces a bold, dramatic element into the bathroom’s décor. The dark color contrasts starkly against light walls, floors, and counters.

Reasons to use a black bathroom floor cabinet:

  • Grounds and balances an all-white bathroom
  • Adds a contemporary edge to modern, minimalist bathrooms
  • Contrasts beautifully against natural wood cabinetry or furniture
  • Visually recedes into the background of a dimly lit bathroom
  • Coordinates well with black countertops like granite or soapstone
  • Hides contents while acting as a decorative accent piece
  • It creates an elegant focal point, exceptionally when glossy
  • Ideal for bathrooms with sufficient lighting to prevent a cave-like feeling

Look for black floor cabinets with attractive hardware like silver pulls for an eye-catching detail. Painting the interior white or lining shelves with white melamine creates a nice light/dark juxtaposition when opened.

Small Bathroom Floor Cabinets

While all bathrooms can benefit from a floor cabinet’s added storage, small bathrooms with limited space especially need storage furniture scaled down in size. Fortunately, there are many excellent options for compact floor cabinets for petite bathrooms.

Characteristics of high-quality small bathroom floor cabinets include:

  • Shorter heights of around 34 inches to conserve vertical room
  • Narrow widths fitting 12-24 inch gaps between fixtures
  • Adjustable shelves to accommodate various item sizes
  • Removable trays perfect for small items or easy cleaning
  • Doors to conceal contents (mirrored for visual expansion)
  • Drawers provide access from above for narrow spaces
  • Wall-hanging design frees up precious floor space underneath
  • Space-saving shapes like triangle corner units or curved front cabinets
  • Dual functionality like flip-down counters or hampers

Well-designed small-scale floor cabinets tailored to minuscule bathrooms can transform cramped, disorganized spaces into serene, spa-like oases.

Floor Cabinets with Doors

Bathroom floor cabinets with doors provide hidden storage that conceals and organizes your bathroom items. The doors also allow you to shut away clutter, creating a tidy appearance.

Benefits of bathroom floor cabinets with doors include:

  • Discreetly hides contents like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and linens
  • Prevents moisture buildup on contents compared to open shelves
  • It provides a finished look compared to open-face cabinets
  • Options like mirrored doors visually enlarge small bathrooms
  • Allow customization with different stains, paints, or hardware
  • Can incorporate child safety locks to secure medications
  • It helps maintain a unified décor compared to mismatched storage baskets
  • Protects surfaces from scrapes, scratches, and wear from daily use
  • It comes in myriad styles like single, double, folding, or barn doors

Choosing floor cabinets with doors creates beautiful and functional storage for your essential bathroom belongings.

Corner Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Corner Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Corner floor cabinets maximize your bathroom’s space using an often ignored empty area. The triangular footprint fits perfectly into a corner, opening up storage along two accessible sides.

Reasons to install a corner floor cabinet in your bathroom include:

  • Efficiently uses wasted space in corners
  • The open-sided design allows easy access from two directions
  • Angled face provides storage along walls where a regular cabinet won’t fit
  • Enhances storage capacity without crowding the room’s core
  • Great spot to store spray cleaners, plungers, brooms, and other items that can be unsightly
  • Shelves can hold toilet paper rolls and extra towels within easy reach
  • Spinning corner lazy susans maximize the use of interior space
  • The diagonal shape contrasts nicely against square cabinets and perpendicular walls
  • Models with doors hide contents while complementing room decor
  • It can be topped with a decorative plant, candle, or accent piece for a stylish function

Install a uniquely angled floor cabinet to take advantage of overlooked corner space. Just be sure to measure carefully to accommodate the specific angles in your bathroom.

Slim Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Slim floor cabinets provide narrow storage options for modestly sized bathrooms. A skinny cabinet with a width of around 13 to 24 inches can squeeze into tight spaces between fixtures or walls.

Benefits of slim bathroom floor cabinets:

  • Fit into narrow gaps and alcoves inaccessible to standard cabinets
  • Low profile design minimizes visual clutter in small bathrooms
  • Allow bathroom doors and drawers to open without obstruction fully
  • Can be tucked discreetly beside toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Provide specialized storage for towels, toilet paper, cleaning items
  • Lightweight for easy moving and installation
  • Offer flexible placement options since plumbing is not required
  • Provide storage without overwhelming petite bathroom spaces

Look for slim cabinets with adjustable shelving, removable trays, and other space-saving features. Glass doors also help small cabinets appear less bulky. Strategically incorporating a narrow floor cabinet or two can improve organization in even the most pint-sized powder rooms.


 Essential Guide to Bathroom Floor Cabinets

Installing a well-designed bathroom floor cabinet can immensely impact your space’s storage capacity, organization, and visual appeal. Floor cabinets utilize previously ignored territories in your bathroom while storing essentials neatly concealed and conveniently close at hand.

When shopping for the perfect floor cabinet, carefully consider your bathroom layout, storage needs, style, and size constraints. Select quality materials engineered to withstand humidity and outfit interiors with adjustable shelving, trays, and other space-saving extras. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtfully incorporated floor cabinet to transform a disorganized, cluttered bathroom into a serene oasis. You can fully relax and enjoy your bathroom with practical new storage solutions.


1. Are bathroom floor cabinets waterproof?

Most bathroom floor cabinets are not 100% waterproof but are moisture-resistant to withstand bathroom humidity. Metal and solid wood cabinets are more water-resistant than engineered wood. Sealant on the interior joints also helps protect against moisture damage.

2. What is the standard height of bathroom floor cabinets?

The standard height for bathroom floor cabinets is 32-34 inches, providing comfort for accessing contents without excessive bending or stooping. More streamlined modern cabinets may stand around 24-28 inches tall.

3. What is the best material for bathroom floor cabinets?

The best floor cabinet materials are moisture-resistant solid woods like maple or oak, thermofoil, melamine, metal, or molded composite lumber. Avoid particle board or MDF, which can swell and deteriorate from bathroom humidity.

4. Should you seal bathroom floor cabinets?

Yes, it helps to seal bathroom floor cabinets with a water-resistant finish, silicone caulk, or PVC trim for extra moisture protection, especially along the bottom edges and interior joints. Always follow manufacturer guidelines specific to your cabinets.

5. How much weight can a bathroom floor cabinet hold?

The weight capacity depends on the cabinet’s materials and construction, but most can safely support around 50-75 pounds of evenly distributed contents per shelf. Always check the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits before loading to prevent buckling or collapse.

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