Decorate your house with Christmas lights

4 Simple ways to decorate your house with Christmas lights

The Christmas lights are part of the atmosphere of this era. A real indication not only in the streets that Christmas is approaching, but also in the houses. And, at this time, we all started to take out those decoration boxes that we keep the rest of the year to dress our home and wrap it in this colorful and warm environment. Hence, the Christmas lights are almost essential to be able to breathe inside our four walls because this is the most endearing time of the year. In this article, we give 4 ideas to decorate your house with Christmas lights.

Far from sticking only to the Christmas tree or, even, to the Bethlehem; the Christmas lights give us a lot of play when it comes to combining with ornamentation. Moving away from the conventional, we can use them to create different and personal environments. An ideal asset not only for those who want to experience Christmas in their own way, but also for those who seek to differentiate the style of their house from the traditional.

So, whether you enjoy these dates following the traditional canons or if you want to innovate with Christmas lighting, we show you some designs to inspire you and let your creativity fly.

4 Simple ways to decorate your house with Christmas lights

  1. Create your own Christmas tree with lights
  2. Decorate the windows with Christmas lights
  3. Decorate the Christmas table with lights
  4. Do not forget the outside

If your idea is to highlight the decoration of your home in these holidays, the lights can be an authentic ally. To begin with, because of its versatility of forms and models means that we can play with them in multiple spaces and applications. And, of course, because something has the brightness at Christmas that carries the atmosphere of that magic that is sought when we consider dressing our house for this occasion.

So if you want to go beyond the usual, we propose four ideas to decorate with Christmas lights that you can adapt to your whim and according to the characteristics of your home.

Decorate your house with Christmas lights -1: Create your own Christmas tree with lights

If in your house the question arises when choosing natural or artificial Christmas tree or, simply, if you do not have space to enjoy it as it deserves, you do not have to give it up. The best option is that you are the one who makes it playing with simple lights and simple supports.Create your own Christmas tree with lights

With the help of thumbtacks and a garland of lights, we can transform any wall of our house into an original and bright Christmas tree. We can choose between white or colored lights. A personal choice according to our personal tastes that, in any case, will have a beautiful aesthetic result.

If the decoration of your house follows the maxim of minimalism, you also have no reason not to have your own Christmas tree. In this case, just by appropriating a branch and a garland of Christmas lights you managed to create a unique representation that evokes this holiday in a subtle way, but that can also be part of the decoration of a house at any other time of the year.

For those who seek the accent of the rustic or do not want to give up the decoration of the typical tree, the next option can also be fantastic. We just need a few sticks, a rope and the prop with which we want to give personality to this curious Christmas tree. It is an ecological option and, in addition, it can become a good activity to do with children.The decoration of the typical tree

Decorate your house with Christmas lights -2: Decorate the windows with Christmas lights

Whatever our home, dress with Christmas lights the windows will help us create a warm atmosphere in a simple and striking. For this, in addition to the classic bright garlands, we can opt for others with different shapes: stars, icicles, hearts or snowballs can make a beautiful effect, either before or behind the curtains.

And if what you want is a romantic touch, creating a curtain with Christmas lights can be the perfect accent for our house. It is a striking, simple and elegant detail that will completely change both the appearance of the room and the way of seeing our home from the street.Decorate the windows with Christmas lights

Decorate your house with Christmas lights- 3: Decorate the Christmas table with lights

The table is, without a doubt, one of the unique protagonists of Christmas. That meeting space that, in addition, we want to have a specific weight in the context of the decoration of the house. For this, it is necessary to choose a tablecloth that breathes the motives of these parties and a set of dishes that complete the set, why not also play with the light as part of the staging?Decorate the Christmas table with lights

Candles are, traditionally, the most used accessory to decorate the Christmas table. However, we can play with them combined with garlands of light and other related elements to put our personal accent to space. Using pineapples, tree decoration, moss or branches we will create our own centerpiece for these dates.

The flickering candles with batteries have nothing to envy to the real candles.

And if the sails do not convince us for a security issue, nothing like opting for the artificial lights that recreate, even, its flicker.

If we have a table of good dimensions we can consider creating our own path with lights and Christmas elements. In this way: pinecones and fir branches become the ideal cradle for placing candles, garlands of light and even forest animals. Play with the volumes to give more dynamism and get a unique effect on your family lunches and dinners. Decorate the Christmas table with lights and Christmas elements

Decorate your house with Christmas lights- 4: Do not forget the outside

The most likely thing is that you do not set foot outside the house because of the cold, but beautifying some places with light also reverts to the interior decoration. Whether you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden: decorating with Christmas lights will make us complete the look of our home at Christmas. Something for which you do not need much space, just a good hand to decorate small corners that attract the attention of visitors.Do not forget the outside

We start with the door itself.  Although the Christmas wreaths have their own meaning, we can also choose to do it with garlands of Christmas lights. It is clear that there is nothing written about tastes, and that there are those who prefer to make a Christmas wreath with their own hands or dress their door with the traditional fir branches. But this option is more than original, striking and simple to make.

If you have a garden, in addition to having the typical Christmas figures of light, you can consider using lighting as signage. In this way, you will be soaking up the Christmas spirit even the road that leads home.Decorate your garden with Christmas lights

We hope you will like these ideas to decorate your house with Christmas lights. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have an amazing Christmas!

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