What to know about window films

A window film is a thin, transparent, or translucent material that adheres to the surface of windows. It is usually made from polyester, although other materials such as vinyl can also be used.
Are they energy efficient?

Window films can improve energy efficiency in the home. They reduce heat transfer, thus helping to keep your interior cooler in summer and reduce heating costs in winter.

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Can they offer my home UV protection?

Window films block a significant amount of harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading and other belongings from sun damage. Solar control films are certainly a popular choice for all properties, traditional and modern.

Can I install window films myself?

If you feel that adding window films will benefit your property, the next step is to organise a consultation with a qualified installer. While some homeowners may choose to install window films themselves, professional guidance is usually recommended for the best results. Proper installation ensures that the film adheres evenly and avoids bubbling or producing imperfections.

You may be installing the films as part of a total home transformation. If a revamp of the home is in your plans and you are looking for new windows Stroud, a specialist supplier such as www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/windows/stroud/ will be able to offer advice.

Can films ensure my privacy?

Privacy films are often tinted or frosted to limit the view from the outside while still allowing you to see out. They enhance your privacy during the day and, in some cases, at night. Real Homes has some office window treatment ideas which are ideal for those who work from home.

Will a decorative option suit me?

Decorative films come in different patterns and colours to enhance the aesthetics of windows. They can be used for purely decorative purposes.

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