Luxury Looks for Less

Many of us desire a home that is warm and inviting, but we don’t want to spend a fortune to get it. Here are a few easy ways to add some glamour and sophistication to the living room without breaking your budget:

Go light with walls

Choose paints in white, mocha, sage, or cream tones for a more classy appearance. They will make your room appear brighter and cleaner. It will make the room look bright and fresh. Light colours are a good backdrop for additional accessories and decorations.

Art is a great way to go

Choose stunning pieces of art as opposed to wallpaper once you have chosen a light colour for your walls. You can find art at reasonable prices or you can design your own and let it speak for your walls.

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Turn on

Are outdated lighting fixtures ruining the atmosphere? Replace old ceiling lights with lighting fixtures that are more eye-catching. You could give your room a luxurious feel with a stunning pendant or chandelier.

Restyle a bookcase that is overcrowded

If you are not a book collector, then it is time to add some sculpture or decoration on your shelves. A few small potted flowers or ornaments can give your bookshelf an organised, balanced look.

The floor can be softer

If you have worn carpeting or wood flooring, thick plush carpets and rugs can do wonders to create a cosy comfort. They will separate the room, highlight the colour, and add texture.

Soft Sofas

You’ll be surprised at the difference that a few plush pillows make on an old couch. Not only do they add comfort, but also a layer of texture. Mixing colours, patterns and sizes on a neutral background will give you maximum impact with minimal effort. For a Vintage Sofa, go to the Vintage Sofa Warehouse, where you can find your perfect cosy Vintage Sofa.

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Mirrors can give the appearance of extra space. These mirrors can also add class to otherwise plain walls. They are an elegant and simple way to add style to your decor.

Bring me flowers

Combining vases, antiques urns and house plants with fresh or artificial flowers, no matter what your favourite is, will add colour to any decor.

Curtain Call

Long curtains look great if you have high ceilings. Hang curtains where the wall meets the ceiling. This will also provide additional insulation during colder months.

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