Facts surrounding our house moving habits

Moving homes is considered one of the most stressful things you can do, along with getting married and having children. There are many interesting facts surrounding our home moving habits, and here are just a few for you to look through.

  • Thousands of people worldwide move houses daily, with people living in two and three-bedroom homes moving the most often. This is usually because the people living there are either starting a family, having a family that is growing up, or downsizing after having children that have moved out of the family home.

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  • August is one of the busiest months for those working in the home removal industry and for estate agents and solicitors working in conveyancing. Around 50 percent of the yearly house moves occur between August and November. For Gloucester Conveyancing, visit https://www.montpellier.legal/conveyancing-solicitor/gloucester-conveyancing/
  • The average person is thought to move around eight times in their lifetime, with about six years between each move. Again this is usually linked to other major life events such as marriage and the birth and then growing up of children.
  • The reasons for moving again depend very much on age. Those aged between 18-21 move either for further educational study or to gain more independence away from the family home. Around 34% of people aged 21 to 24 move into a property with their partner.

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  • Your lifestyle and stages of life will also be a significant factor in your decision to move. This may be moving to a smaller property for retirement, a move to help with either an increase or decrease in income or an activity to achieve a more relaxed lifestyle, or moving from a bustling city to a more rural village location.

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