How to Create a Rockery in Your Home

Rockeries can be a beautiful addition to any garden and they can be made using a number of items that you might find around the home and you can even add a wonderful Bronze Animal Sculpture like the ones from Gill Parker to add an element of intrigue to the space. Image credit In order […]

How to Clean Your Double Glazed Windows – 3 Methods

The way to clean your double glazed windows is by using products that are made specifically for this purpose. One type of product that you will want to consider using is a window cleaner spray. These products work in such a way that they will not leave any residue behind on your windows, which can sometimes be quite difficult to remove. It is important to find out from your Double Glazing Gloucester installation company, like whether there are any products that they recommend using to clean the glass and pvc areas of your new windows. Read more about How to Clean Your Double Glazed Windows – 3 Methods

How to Measure Up For New Wardrobes

How to measure up for new wardrobes has been a question that has plagued every homeowner who has the patience and money to invest in a large wardrobe. Having wardrobes fitted is not all that difficult, you just need to make sure that the measurements you take are all correct so that when your fitted […]

Wardrobe Clear-out Tips

We are all in lockdown and not able to go out anywhere so what better time is there to get on with having a wardrobe clear-out. Not only is a well organised wardrobe much nicer to look at, it means that you can be more organised when it comes to getting ready in the morning […]

Don’t ignore the care of your drains

Your drains are one of the most important elements of your house. You might think that the roof is important or that the walls are essential and whilst they are they are relatively easy to fix. However the drains not working properly can give you a world of pain and unpleasant smells if they are […]