The best ways to add value to your home

With our homes being the biggest investment many of us are ever likely to make, it’s easy to see why there’s a lot of interest in ways in which we can further increase their value.

If you plan to sell your home, it makes sense to maximise its value before putting it on the market. Invite several estate agents to give you a valuation of your home, and then research how this compares locally. Knowing how much similar properties sell for can give you an indication of the top market value in your area. It’s all very well spending a small fortune on major renovation work if it’s what you want for the home you live in, but if your plan is to sell up, you need to make sure that whatever work you do adds value and is reflected in the price you get back.

Here are a few of the most popular approaches to add value to your home.

Convert your loft

Converting your loft is a popular way to add space. It’s an investment that is incredibly likely to add value, with some estimates suggesting you could see more than a 20% increase.

Build an extension

Adding space and value can also be achieved by adding a single or double extension to your property.

Depending on the building work you undertake, you may need to have planning permission, so be sure to check first. For further information, look at the Planning Portal.

Change your kitchen or bathroom

A new kitchen adds instant appeal. Plenty of storage in a room often considered the hub of the home is guaranteed to impress potential buyers. Similarly, a new bathroom suite could add as much as 4% to a property’s value.

Add a conservatory

Simple yet space-enhancing, a glass conservatory adds instant appeal and value.

Go for kerb appeal

Give potential buyers that wow factor when they first see your home by having a tidy garden, nice windows and welcoming front door.

Don’t underestimate the impact windows can have. Speak to experts such as those specializing in windows Dublin like for advice on what you can do.

Look to the future

Increasingly, buyers are looking for homes with eco-friendly credentials. In addition to saving you money now, energy-efficient homes will certainly add value in the future.


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