5 Things You Should Do When You Move to an Older Property

If you have just bought a traditional house that was built a long time ago, chances are it is full of history, and is a lovely building, but needs a lot of things doing to it. The cost of maintaining an old building can be quite high, and will possibly need refurbishing in some parts of the house. To prevent major problems in the future, read this list of five things you should do when you move to an older property.

  1. Book a CCTV drainage survey before you move in, and ideally before you have even agreed to buy the house. CCTV Drainage Surveys are important to check for any problems in the drainage system. This can prevent potential hazards caused by blockages, damage or leaks. I recommend contacting the company, Wilkinson Environmental.
  2. Check the windows and repair them if they are damaged. Get double glazing if the house hasn’t yet been refurbished.
  3. Insulate your home as it will likely get very cold in the winter. If you have a fireplace, get the chimney swept, and have it checked regularly to prevent any fire hazards.

  1. Get your house dated and learn the history about the house before you move in so you can identify the time period and type of materials used during the construction. This will ensure that when you have work done, unnecessary damage will not occur because the materials will be taken into consideration. Also, knowing about the architecture will make sure that you know how to maintain it.
  2. Draw up a maintenance plan identifying any maintenance issues, taking into account when the house was built, what changes have been made to it since, and its current overall condition.

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