The world of Gino Da Campo

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure that I could survive in the world of Gino Da Campo. One thing is for sure it would not be quiet and peaceful world but then again Gino was not born into a world of peace and quiet either. He was born in to a large Italian family in Southern Italy near Napoli. This is not like the rich and fashionable North of Italy this is where family togetherness and food are not only a way life but a way to survive. Being loud, vivacious and creative was a necessity but despite our natural British reserve we have taken this man to our hearts and he is very popular. A testament to this being his victory on top popularity fest “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” even after he killed a Rat and made a tasty meal out if it! You can bet he was hankering for a Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 4 Burner Gas Oven like those that can be viewed at if he’d had one of those who knows what he’d have come up with. A new radical menu might have been on the cards.

After graduating from a top Italian cusine school he left Italy to seek his fortune in London as a young man at the tender age of 19. The handsome Italian came with a belfief in strong flavours and ingredients otherwise if wasn’t worth bothering with passed down to him by his Grandfather. He son found work at The Orchard Restaurant in Hampstead and the moved out of the city to the Gambio in Surrey. It was an appearance of Great Food Live, part of UK TV Food channel that tv executives realised that they may have something a bit special here.  Here was there to talk about the blending and uses of Olive oil, a subject that he is extremely knowledgeable about, but it was soon clear that this was just one of his many talents as his wit and humour plus generally cheeky demeanour played extremely well with the audience and he became a massive hit of the show.

He is regular on This Morning trying desperately to bring some Italian flair and cooking style to an increasingly giggling and amused Holly and Phil and it is here that he said the now immortal line “Well, if my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike”, after an inappropriate comment about what to put in a Carbonara. We love him as he is up for a laugh, hence his appearance’s on Celebrity Juice but don’t let that fool you for he has written several authoritive books on Italian food and Olive oil and has a successful chain of Italian restaurants that is slowly growing in stature. He will be a fixture on our screens and an influence in our kitchens for a while yet.

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