Should Always Check Reviews Before Buying Furniture

Why You Should Always Check Reviews Before Buying Furniture

Furniture shopping can be a frustrating experience. It can take time to find the right pieces for your home, and even after you place an order, you may discover that the sofa you chose is too tiny or clashes with your existing décor. Reviews can help you avoid making this type of mistake. However, it is essential to remember that every reviewer has a different taste.

Customer Service

Online reviews play a massive role in a brand-to-local sales funnel where furniture retailers often find themselves at the end of a customer purchase journey. They are the perfect way to build trust in local markets and set themselves apart from online competitors with no physical presence. A common problem with buying furniture online is that the color of a piece may look different than it does on a computer screen, and it’s impossible to sit or lay on a sofa or bed to test its comfort level. Fortunately, Joybird customer service is present in a reputable furniture company and will allow customers to request a fabric swatch before purchasing to ensure that it will meet expectations. Knowing a store’s return policy and any additional fees associated with returning an item (such as a restocking fee or shipping costs) is also essential. These can sometimes add up when it comes to a large furniture purchase.


Furniture is a big purchase that can be hard to make sight unseen. Buyers can run into issues with sizing, quality, and color when they don’t get a chance to touch a dresser or sit on a couch before buying. This can lead to frustration, especially if the piece fails to meet expectations when it appears at your door. Joybird reviews can help ease this anxiety and provide insight into how easy a piece may be to assemble and whether the fabric will match your current home’s colors and quality. Furniture companies with an e-commerce presence can also include detailed photographs, thorough sizing charts, and even offer free fabric swatches by mail to avoid the risk of a disappointing return.


Online shopping may be convenient, but it can be a risky endeavor when you’re buying large pieces of furniture. It’s easier to determine how comfortable a sofa will be with sitting on it first or whether it will fit through doorways and hallways. A photo of a piece of furniture may not accurately capture its true colors, either. For instance, dark-colored furniture often looks paler on a website.

Furniture retailers can help reduce buyer’s remorse by offering clear return procedures on their websites, including whether they charge a restocking fee and who pays for returning shipping. In addition, they should provide customers with detailed descriptions of the products and their construction methods to ensure a good purchase experience. They should also offer a wide selection of quality furniture at affordable prices.


Buying furniture is a significant investment, and consumers want to be sure they’re getting the best value for their money. Reviews provide the transparency that lets shoppers compare furniture brands and prices online.

Reputation scores show how much the community trusts a seller. Users can earn a reputation by ensuring their listings are accurate, shipping items promptly, and communicating effectively with buyers.

As customer purchase journeys start online and end in-store, local reviews have never been more critical for brick-and-mortar retailers. Furniture retailers can engage with their local communities and win their trust by taking simple steps. They can also address any concerns that a negative review may raise and turn them into positive ones by providing transparent, consistent, and prompt responses.

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