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What Types of Blinds Exist and How to Change the Tape of a Blind

The blinds serve to filter the sun and heat. But they are also perfect for decorating the environments. We can find types of blinds with different materials and colors. If you are looking for the best, you should know its characteristics.

Although the latest trends in construction and decoration do not include blinds in the windows of houses and floors, the truth is that this object has many advantages. Among them, we can highlight that it avoids the entry of direct sun and the incidence of the outside temperature. In the following article, we will tell you what the different types and characteristics are.

How many types of blinds exist?

We can divide the blinds into two large groups: interior and exterior. The first ones are placed in the window frame and the second ones are installed on the wall:

  1. Venetian blinds
  2. Vertical blinds
  3. Thermal blinds
  4. Roller blinds
  5. Adjustable blinds
  6. Roman blinds
  7. Japanese blinds
  8. Wooden blinds

Let’s have a look below.

  1. Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

They are also known as ‘horizontal’ and very common in offices. Its main features are ease of installation and use and durability. They can be made of plastic, aluminum or wood. In addition to opening normally upwards, they have a rotation system that allows a half opening of their horizontal tables. In this way, the entry of light is regulated.

  1. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

They are also very practical when graduating from the brightness. The tables are turned the same as the Venetian ones, but they are arranged vertically. They are usually made of PVC or aluminum plastic. They are available in different colors.

  1. Thermal blinds

Thermal blinds

They are made of aluminum with injected polyurethane foam insulation and as the name implies. They protect against the cold of winter, but also the heat of summer. In turn, thermal blinds reduce noise from outside and are ideal for houses or flats on busy avenues or streets. Unlike what is believed, they are light and easy to get on and off.

  1. Roller blinds

Roller blinds

These types of blinds are the most modern in the market and have a very interesting advantage about the others: they block the sun’s rays almost entirely. This can be more than useful for those houses whose rooms do not have exterior blinds.

Also, roller blinds protect the color and condition of furniture, curtains, fabrics and floors. They are manufactured in different shades and as the name implies, they can be rolled up to the desired height depending on our tastes or the clarity we want in the environment.

  1. Adjustable blinds

Adjustable blinds

Another type of blinds available today, made in one piece and without joints, joints or welds insight. Durability and resistance are guaranteed. One of its main benefits is that it allows air circulation and at the same time, the control of light. Therefore, they allow optimizing energy expenditure (and savings) at any time of the year. The adjustable blinds have an opening angle of up to 12° and allow easy access to the outside to clean them without problems.

  1. Roman blinds

Roman blinds

Although by that name, we think that they are something old, the truth is that Roman blinds are modern in the market. They are characterized by being made of fabrics resistant to dust and stains. Besides, they have rods that slide according to the movement of the lateral cord. They can be placed in homes or in various home environments. They are available in different colors and designs, to be able to combine with the decoration.

  1. Japanese blinds

Japanese blinds

These panels are really attractive and original. They can be used both in sliding doors and in large windows. The mechanism of these blinds is based on a rail that moves the canvases from right to left. So, it regulates the entry of light into the environment.

It is advisable to choose Japanese blinds in case the decoration of the environment is of the oriental or modern type so that they combine perfectly.

  1. Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are an excellent option to decorate and at the same time to isolate a room from light and sound. They are quite economical and give a pleasant touch to the atmosphere.

It is necessary to remember that the material must be maintained and cleaned dry periodically to prevent it from deteriorating or becoming the home of moths and parasites.

How to change the tape of a blind?

Some pieces carry the blinds and that we must replace them when they deteriorate with time. Changing the tape, for example, is a fairly simple DIY task. So the next time you break it, remember that you won’t have to change the full blind. To do this, follow these instructions and you see that you can repair the blind without problems.

change the tape of a blind

To start, open the drawer of the blind by removing the screws with a screwdriver. Lower the blind to the bottom and remove the metal bands that hold the axis of the blind. They are fastened with screws. Now you can turn the shaft. Locate the pulley in a round piece in which the blind tape is wound and cut the knot that ties the belt to this pulley. First, you will have to look at how the belt is wound to this pulley.

  • Now unscrew the collector that is at the bottom of the window. They are normally embedded in the wall, but also have to be superimposed on the outside. That is where the other end of the tape is fastened (it goes with a small nut). Remove the tape from the blind.
  • Insert the tape at the top through the tape guide and tie it to the pulley, then roll it up as the old one was. Then make a small cut at the bottom end of the tape and attach it to the bottom picker with the same nut that fixed the old one. Then roll the tape.
  • Now you just have to put the collector back on the wall (if it is to be embedded), fasten the shaft with the metal straps inside the drawer and place the lid on it.
  • Check that the blind goes up and down correctly. You already have it! What was not so difficult?

The blinds are a very practical element that cannot be missing in any room. They fulfill several important functions, such as helping us control the sunlight that enters the room or preserve our privacy. But not only that, but they are also a great insulator, both thermal and acoustic. So, you should choose quality blinds.

There are several types of blinds, although the most common are roller blinds. You have them with the manual drive (they have a belt and pulley mechanism), and with electric drive. They are equipped with a small motor that raises and lowers the blind.

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