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How to ventilate the house in winter

Ventilate the house is something that must be done every day to clean the air. Sometimes it is said that there is more pollution inside the houses than outside, due to the lack of ventilation. Especially in winter, which is more lazy to open the windows of the house, toxins accumulate inside the home, caused by the smoke of cigarettes, humidity, various gases. And ventilate the house is essential to clean the air you breathe and have no negative consequences for your health.

The benefit of ventilate the house

ventilate the house in winter


We say that “air is charged” when the environment of a given room is overloaded with this carbon dioxide . When we ventilate:

  • The air is oxygenated: the concentration of CO2 is reduced, the gas that we exhale and that no longer serves us.
  • The humidity is regulated: sometimes it is desirable to increase it because the air is very dry, which damages our respiratory mucous membranes. Other times you have to decrease it so there are no condensations.
  • Dust is reduced: particles in suspension and odors are swept away by the air current created during ventilation.
  • We allow the sun to act: the rays heat and “disinfect” the rooms in a certain way since the ultraviolet rays act against some microorganisms.

How to ventilate the house in winter

the ventilate the house in winter

Steps one

Choose the right moment to open the windows of the flat or house. Do not worry, if the air goes well with 5 minutes it will be enough . A good time is in the morning, when getting up, or at the warmest moment of the day, so that the temperature of the house falls as little as possible. Ventilate the house in the morning is good because then you have all day to raise the temperature.

Steps two

Open the windows at all and close the doors, so that it is ventilated room by room , without making a general current. Actually, what you need is to renew the air in the rooms, so you do not need to cause a large current of air. It is highly recommended to do so if you ventilate in the morning, or in a cold weather. Leave the window open for 5-10 minutes and leave the room. Go back in and close it again.

Steps Three

Another more direct, quick and effective way to ventilate the house in winter is to open all the windows of the house at the same time and make current. To do this, open the doors of the house one by one and let the air through. This way you will be able to completely purify the atmosphere of your home and eliminate all possible toxins from it. Of course, with this option you will go colder, so you can take advantage of a time when nobody is home for several minutes in a row. Make sure there is no one in the house coming out of the shower and the heater is not turned on.

It is a good practice to do at the hottest time of the day. Take advantage of the winter sun moments to open the windows and ventilate the house. Although if you prefer, do it in the morning to avoid having to turn off and turn on the heating.

If your system is central, the heat will have turned off during the night, so you can take advantage of these minutes before it turns on again to ventilate the floor correctly .

Steps four

Another way to preserve a healthy air in the house is not contaminating it so much. Try to reduce the use of aerosols and of course of cigarettes inside the house. Another thing that we sometimes use excessively and that pollutes the air a lot is incense , which, despite its excellent smell, contains many toxins that are harmful when breathed. In fact, it is always advisable to put incense with the window open, precisely because of this.

Another practice that will help you maintain the clean air of your home is to put the extractor every time you use the kitchen , and open the window when you are cooking any dish.

Steps Five

You can install an air filter or a dehumidifier . It is not the cheapest option, but for places where it is very cold in winter and especially in houses where older people live, it is the best option. There are times when opening a window is really a nuisance. In such cases, it is better to save more than one dislike and cold by choosing an option that provides long-term benefits, such as installing a machine. The dehumidifier will remove excess moisture and gases from the environment, while the filter will keep all the toxins from the environment, leaving you to live surrounded by fresh and clean air.

How and when to ventilate your house

discover ventilate the house in winter

The most appropriate time of day and the time that should be dedicated to ventilation depend on the type of local climate, the use of the house and the season of the year in which we are.

  • In winter you have to ventilate at the hottest time, towards noon , or take advantage of the moment when the sun hits the most.
  • In summer it is ventilated at night, which also serves to refresh the house to the maximum.
  • About 10 minutes a day is enough to renew the air of a room.
  • The more people live in a house, the longer and more time it is necessary to ventilate.
  • The bedrooms are aired after getting up. It is not a bad idea to open the windows a few minutes before sleeping, even in winter.

How to ventilate the house without freezing?

best ventilate the house in winter

Open the windows in the morning

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose the best time to ventilate. The morning is the perfect time of the day to air the house because it is usually the warmest time and the least you will notice your home the temperature drop. Also, have individual or central heating, you will have the rest of the day to increase the mercury of your home.

Five minutes will be enough

It will be enough if your windows are open between five and ten minutes. Not only will you be able to purify the air in the rooms, but the thermostat will hardly appreciate it. A piece of information to keep in mind, make sure that the heating is turned off (then you will have to spend more heating to heat your home and, therefore, you will generate more atmospheric pollutants) and that nobody is about to leave the shower.

Room per room

There are those who choose to open wide all the rooms to generate current (you will be colder), however it will be more effective if you do room by room. Lift the blinds well, open the window wide and close the door. Important: do not forget to return and close them. If the day is sunny, despite the winter environment, do not leave the bedroom in darkness, those few rays of sun will help the house to acclimate.

Dehumidifiers and purifiers

Although it is not the cheapest option, the use of air purifiers and dehumidifiers are the most effective options, especially when there are very young children or elderly people in the homes. You will keep the humidity of the environment at bay and the filters will capture toxins from the environment that are harmful to your well-being and yours. By the way, whenever you can, try to hang clothes outside. A trick is to put the washing machine after consulting the weather and make sure there is no storm on the horizon.

Contaminate your home less

The cleaner the air in your home, the less need you have to open the windows. If you smoke, do it on the terraces, balconies or windows (if you do not, it will be better for you and your family too), use ecological cleaning products, minimize the use of aerosols and air fresheners, frequently vacuum in carpets, carpets and chairs to eliminate mites, check your heating system and make sure that the ventilation grilles are in perfect condition and check that the materials with which your house is built and the furniture are not harmful.

Finally, ventilating the house can prevent you and your family from falling down with colds or flu. It is a simple gesture, but eliminating a “loaded” air is something that helps you take care of your health. Opening the windows to ventilate our house is a very positive habit to maintain good health. The air of the spaces must be renewed so that it continues to be breathable and beneficial for the organism. Ventilate is the first step to eliminate harmful substances that accumulate in homes. A gesture that, to be optimal, may depend on different factors . But there are more things that are in your power to make the environment of your home as healthy as possible.

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