Top five alternatives to cheap carpets

If you need cost-effective flooring for your home, you may think that it’s a matter of getting the cheapest carpeting you can find. This is a mistake as very cheap carpet can quickly need replacing and there are lots of economical options that may be a better choice.

  1.     Carpet tiles

Not only are carpet tiles amazingly good value, but you can lay them over vinyl, laminate and even concrete without underlay, so they really are economical.

What’s more, when used imaginatively, you can create borders, chequer boards and other patterns that add style to your rooms. If you have children, pets or frequent parties, you can replace a stained area at minimal cost.

  1.     Manufactured floor textiles

Developments in carpet technology mean that man-made floor textiles are now a great alternative to cheap carpets. They’re practical, long-lasting, shrug off stains and don’t fade. You can now get man-mades that are warm and soft to walk on, so if you need to save money on flooring, take a fresh look at nylon and polypropylene mixes.

  1.     Top-quality vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles have improved in recent years, and the luxury end of the vinyl tile ranges can compete easily with carpet for softness and comfort. The cushioning effect is akin to the one you get from underlay and carpet but with far less expense. Because you’re using tiles, any damage can be quickly mended by replacing a tile. Vinyl tiles can now look like wood, slate, stone or any other material without the disadvantages of some of these materials, which can be cold and hard.

  1.     Vinyl flooring on a roll

Sheet vinyl flooring is even cheaper than vinyl tiles, and it’s easy to clean and lay. The great thing about it is that it stays looking good when a cheap carpet has begun to look dirty and flattened. Moreover, you can get very modern looks and finishes. Like the other options discussed here, vinyl flooring has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years and is much warmer and softer than it used to be.

  1.     Wool mixes

If you’re absolutely committed to carpet, take a look at wool mixes, which can be hard-wearing and stain-resistant. They aren’t the cheapest carpets, but they are a better investment because they’ll last longer.

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