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The Ultimate Guide: Pool Warehouse Reviews

As summer approaches, many homeowners start thinking about installing a pool or upgrading their existing one. Purchasing a pool and supplies from a pool warehouse can be an affordable way to get a quality product without paying retail markup. However, with so many pool warehouses to choose from, it can be tricky to know which one is right for your needs. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about pool warehouse reviews – from costs and selection to pros/cons and top brands. Let’s dive in!

Pool Warehouse Reviews

A pool warehouse is a large retail store that exclusively sells swimming pools, parts, chemicals, accessories and supplies for residential and commercial installations. Unlike a pool builder or retail pool store, warehouses carry broad inventories at discounted bulk rates since they buy direct from manufacturers. Many also offer pool services like installations.

Pool warehouses aim to provide one-stop shopping for all your pool needs. Inside you’ll find rows of filters, pumps, covers, cleaners, toys, maintenance equipment and more. Some even have indoor showrooms to display above-ground pools and spas you can purchase. Their big selection and low prices make these stores popular with pool service companies as well as DIY homeowners.

Benefits of Buying From a Pool Warehouse

There are several advantages to purchasing your pool and supplies from a pool warehouse versus a pool builder or retail pool store:

Lower Prices – Pool warehouses provide wholesale pricing since they buy large volumes direct from manufacturers and pass the savings on. You’ll pay 10-50% less than buying the same brands at a retail store.

One-Stop Shopping – Large inventories with everything you need for pool installation, maintenance and enjoyment. Avoid multiple stops and potential markup at each place.

Flexible Payment – Pool warehouses frequently offer financing programs to pay over time with no interest. Programs are available even for those with lower credit scores.

Convenient Service – Many pool warehouses provide full-service installation of above-ground pools. Some also deliver chemicals and parts right to your home. No need to haul anything!

Expert Assistance – Warehouse staff are pool experts who can answer questions and provide how-to advice for DIY installations and maintenance. Ensure proper setup and care.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Reputable pool warehouses stand behind their products and services. You can be confident you’re getting a quality result.

For anyone looking to maximize savings and convenience, pool warehouses are tough to beat. Just be sure to choose one with a knowledgeable staff and solid reputation.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pool Warehouse

Choosing a Pool Warehouse

The pool warehouse you choose can greatly impact your overall experience and satisfaction. Keep the following factors in mind:

Reputation & Reviews – Look for warehouses with a long history, positive customer feedback and minimal complaints. This indicates they sell quality products and provide good service.

Staff Expertise – Choose a warehouse employing educated staff with solid pool knowledge. They’ll guide you in making the best equipment choices and provide sound installation/maintenance advice.

Product Selection – Consider the brands carried and variety of pool types, parts, chemicals and accessories. You want to find everything you need without compromising quality.

Price – Compare prices on big-ticket items like filters and pool kits. Go with the warehouse offering worthwhile savings without sacrificing customer service.

Convenience – Choose a warehouse in a location that’s easy to get to. Also consider delivery area, installation services, financing options and online ordering availability.

Condition & Organization – Visit warehouses to check cleanliness, organization and display quality. These factors say a lot about how they do business.

Taking the time to evaluate your options will ensure you select a pool warehouse that exceeds expectations. Buying directly from the best source will save you money while still getting a top-notch result.

Top Pool Brands Sold at Warehouse Stores

Reputable pool warehouses carry all top national brands of pools, parts, chemicals and accessories at discounted prices. Here are some of the major brand names you can expect to find:

Intex – Leading maker of affordable above-ground pools sold at pool warehouses everywhere. Known for durable PVC construction and innovative thinking like their PureSpa self-contained hot tubs.

Hayward – The #1 brand for pool pumps, filters, heating systems, cleaners and automation controls. Their products define performance and reliability.

Pentair – Also a premier name in pumps, filters, heaters plus pool/spa lights, cleaners, automation and accessories. Known for energy-efficiency.

Jandy – Developed the first underwater pool vacuum and remain an innovative force making pumps, filters, valves, lighting and control systems.

Polaris – Legendary manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. Also make pool circulation products like pressure-side cleaners, booster pumps and pool/spa combination systems.

Sta-Rite – Leading maker of pool pumps, filters, heaters and cleaners. Particularly known for top-of-the-line energy-efficient pumps.

Jacuzzi – Iconic brand behind hot tubs as well as swimming pool pumps, filters and accessories. Known for premium quality.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing any pool product from these major brands. Pool warehouses make them more affordable than buying retail.

Common Above-Ground Pool Kits Sold at Pool Warehouses

For home installation, above-ground pools are a budget-friendly option carried by all pool warehouses. Let’s look at some of the most popular above-ground pool packages available:

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set – An affordable and versatile option made from three-ply puncture-resistant PVC. Comes in sizes from 12′ to 24′ long and 30″ to 52″ high. Includes filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, debris cover and maintenance kit.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set – Oval shape allows more pool length in a smaller backyard space. Ultra durable PVC construction available in sizes from 10′ x 20″ up to 18′ x 48″. Comes with all needed accessories.

Embassy Rectangular Pool Set – Made by Intex but more deluxe with a durable steel frame and 8″ resin top rails. Sizes from 15′ to 21′ long and 48″ high. Full accessory package included.

Coleman Frame Pool Set – A rugged galvanized steel-frame above-ground pool at an affordable price. Available in round and oval shapes from 15′ to 24′ diameter. Comes with filter pump and basic accessories.

Bestway Fast Set Pool – As the name implies, this oval pool gets up and running in minutes thanks to an easy snap-together steel frame. Comes in sizes up to 16′ x 10′ including pump, cover, ladder and maintenance kit.

Above-ground pool packages from quality brands like these allow easy home installation. Just check frame strength, included components and projected durability when purchasing.

Top In-Ground Pool Kits Available at Pool Warehouses

For a permanent pool that’s flush with your yard, an in-ground pool kit is the way to go. Many pool warehouses carry top fiberglass and vinyl liner options including:

Blue Hawaiian Complete Fiberglass Pool Kit – Gorgeous molded fiberglass shell finished with smooth natural quartz. Available in sizes from 12′ to 40′ long. Comes with professional installation.

Viking Fiberglass Pool Kit – Made from premium composite materials for strength, beauty and longevity. Unique stone and tile finishes available. Comes in multiple sizes with all equipment.

Latham Splash Pools Fiberglass Pool Package – Renowned fordurability and low-maintenance. Contemporary styling with white, blue or gray finishes. Includes delivery, excavation and installation.

Pool Warehouse Vinyl Liner Complete Pool Packages – Custom-designed in your choice of oval, kidney or freeform shapes. Includes liner, wall panels, all equipment and usually installation.

Swim USA Vinyl Liner Pool Packages – Another custom pool kit with your choice of vinyl liner patterns. Expert installation usually included along with all plumbing, filters, pumps and equipment.

Fiberglass and vinyl in-ground pool kits offer gorgeous options that install quickly and outlast traditional concrete. Check warranties when purchasing to confirm long-lasting quality.

Popular Pool Supplies Available at Pool Warehouses

Pool Warehouses

Beyond the pool structure itself, warehouses also carry every supply needed to keep water clean, safe and functioning properly. Some top products to look for include:

  • Pumps – Hayward, Pentair and Sta-Rite make the best energy-efficient models. Ensure it’s sized for your pool volume.
  • Filters – Cartridge, DE and sand filters all get the job done. Optimize filtration with a pump/filter combo.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners – Suction and pressure-side models like Polaris and Hayward provide convenient self-cleaning ability.
  • Automatic Pool Chlorinators – Continuously sanitize your pool’s water to eliminate algae and bacteria.
  • Test Kits – Essential for monitoring chemical levels and water balance. Get kits for chlorine, pH and full water analysis.
  • Solar Blankets – Save energy and extend your pool season by reducing surface evaporation.
  • Pool Covers – Pool Shade or safety covers and solar blankets help prevent debris intrusion while retaining heat.
  • Heat Pumps – Efficient units from top brands add weeks to your pool season by raising water temperature.

Investing in quality equipment ensures easier maintenance and maximum enjoyment of your pool.

Common Pool Warehouse Pricing

Exact pool and supply prices will vary between specific warehouses based on brands carried, special sales and geographic region. However, here are some general price ranges you can expect:

  • Basic Above-Ground Pool Package – $500 to $4,000
  • High-End Above-Ground Pool Package – $2,500 to $7,000
  • Small In-Ground Fiberglass Pool Kit – $15,000 to $30,000+
  • Large Custom In-Ground Pool Kit – $50,000 to $100,000+
  • Pool Pumps – $200 to $1,500
  • Pool Filters – $100 to $1,000
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners – $200 to $1,500
  • Pool Chlorinators – $150 to $750
  • Pool Heat Pumps – $1,500 to $4,500
  • Solar Blankets – $100 to $300
  • Pool Safety Covers – $300 to $5,000

On average, expect to save 10-25% versus buying the same brands at a retail pool store. Pool warehouses truly offer the best value.

Pros of Purchasing From a Pool Warehouse

We’ve touched on some distinct advantages already, but let’s recap the biggest pros of buying your pool and supplies from a pool warehouse:

  • Save Money – Wholesale pricing provides significant savings off retail.
  • One-Stop Shop – Everything you need in one place for convenience.
  • Top Brands – Reputable warehouses carry all major pool brands you can trust.
  • Professional Guidance – Knowledgable staff provide needed expertise.
  • Peace of Mind – Reputable warehouses stand behind their products and services.
  • Flexibility – Many offer customizable pool kits and financing programs.
  • Efficiency – Quicker to purchase all equipment/supplies in one visit.

For anyone looking to maximize value, selection and guidance with their pool purchase, a pool warehouse is the clear choice.

Potential Cons to Consider

While purchasing from a pool warehouse has many upside, there are a couple potential downsides to keep in mind as well:

Less Customization – Pool warehouse above-ground and in-ground kits limit shape/size options versus fully custom-built pools.

DIY Installation – While some warehouses offer installation services, you may have to arrange contractors yourself for complex installations.

Impulse Purchases – Broad selection could lead you to overspend on unnecessary supplies and accessories.

Shorter Service Hours – Warehouses may have fewer evening and weekend hours than local stores.

However, for most homeowners, the extensive selection and incredible savings outweigh the minor limitations. Just double-check your pool kit options and installation assistance availability when purchasing.

Key Tips for Getting the Best Deal

Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to get the best price on a top-quality pool from any pool warehouse:

  • Review multiple warehouses for lowest prices on the brands you want.
  • Sign up for email alerts to receive special discount offers and coupon codes.
  • Avoid the peak summer season if possible – prices are lowest in fall and winter.
  • Ask about package deals to get additional discounts when purchasing pump, filter, cleaner, etc. together.
  • Finance through the warehouse’s program at 0% interest to maximize savings.
  • Look for discounted display models from previous seasons for the biggest bargain.
  • Join warehouse membership clubs for exclusive pricing on supplies and chemicals.
  • Take advantage of holiday sales like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.
  • Purchase a demo or open box model to save on popular brands.

Follow these tips and you’ll secure an amazing pool kit package at a wholesale price, fully equipped for many summers of fun and relaxation ahead.

5 Key Factors When Comparing Pool Warehouse Options

Choosing the right pool warehouse is key to getting the best selection at the lowest price. Consider the following factors when comparing your options:

  1. Location & Convenience – Look for a warehouse close enough to visit in person and with sufficient delivery area for supplies or construction materials.
  2. Price & Selection – Compare pricing and brands carried on the pool type and equipment/supplies you plan to purchase.
  3. Reputation & Reviews – Prioritize warehouses with years of experience and many positive customer reviews. Avoid spots with red flags.
  4. Staff Expertise – Look for educated staff that can provide sound advice and answer all your pool-related questions thoroughly.
  5. Services – Determine what’s included with their pool kits and if they offer delivery, installation help, financing, etc.

Choosing a pool warehouse that shines across all five criteria will set you up for the most worry-free and cost-effective pool buying experience possible.

5 Top Pool Warehouse Chains Across America

The following pool warehouse chains have established excellent reputations thanks to affordable pricing on top brands, knowledgeable staff and quality installation services:

  1. Leslie’s Pool Supplies – The largest pool supply retailer in the U.S. with over 950 locations across 35 states. Offers pool kits plus every imaginable supply and part.
  2. Pool Warehouse – Family-owned chain with 50+ locations providing discount pool packages. Known for financing and installations.
  3. Pool Corral – Texas-based supplier of pools, hot tubs, parts and chemicals across 60+ stores. Top brands at low prices.
  4. Pool City – Carries major brands at 8 warehouse locations in Arizona. Offers pool kits, parts, service and expertise.
  5. Champion Pools – 15 locations across Texas help you create the perfect backyard escape with fiberglass and vinyl in-ground kits.

Check for well-reviewed warehouse locations from these chains near you when it’s time to upgrade your pool. Their expertise ensures ideal selection and service.


Shopping at a pool warehouse offers the winning combination of lowest prices, top brands, huge selection and expert guidance. When chosen carefully, they are the ideal option for purchasing any swimming pool or supplies. Though conducting research to find a reputable warehouse location that carries the brands you want is key.

Pool Warehouse Reviews

Focus on factors like reputation, staff knowledge, pricing/selection competitiveness and convenience when comparing pool warehouses. And utilize money-saving tips like off-season buying to get the biggest discount possible. With some strategic planning, you can secure the pool of your dreams at a wholesale cost through one of these megamarket suppliers. Just grab your swim trunks and dive right into this rewarding process!


Q1: What are the main benefits of buying a pool from a warehouse store?

A1: The main benefits are lower prices due to wholesale discounts, a wide selection of top brands under one roof, flexible financing options, knowledgeable staff and convenience services like delivery.

Q2: Should I purchase equipment like pumps and filters from the same warehouse I buy my pool from?

A2: Yes, purchasing all your pool equipment from the same warehouse ensures components are compatible and covered by the same warranties. Their staff can also advise the best combinations.

Q3: What size pump and filter do I need for an average above-ground pool?

A3: Most above-ground pools in the 15-25 foot range require a 1.5-2 horsepower pump and a sand or cartridge filter sized for 800 to 1500 gallons, depending on the pool’s capacity.

Q4: Can I get good quality with an above-ground pool kit from a warehouse?

A4: Definitely, warehouses like Leslie’s and Pool Warehouse carry all the top brands like Intex and Embassy that are built to last. Just avoid off-brand “no name” kits that may use subpar materials.

Q5: Should I hire professionals to install my in-ground pool kit?

A5: Yes, you should absolutely hire an experienced pool contractor to handle the excavation and installation of any in-ground pool, even if it’s a kit. Proper construction is crucial to longevity and safety.

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