The Fundamentals of Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing



Sanitary sewer smoke testing is an essential part of ensuring the proper functioning of a sanitary sewer system. During testing, smoke is blasted through a sewer line to identify leaks or cross-connections. The process is relatively easy and does not require blocking off a sewer line. The smoke will quickly travel in the path of least resistance and can identify cracks, maintenance holes, illegal connections, uncapped lines, and cracked mains and laterals.

A sewer smoke test process involves blowing non-toxic smoke into a sanitary sewer system. The smoke will be visible to the inspector when it reaches the ground. The smoke then follows the path of the leak to the ground. It may originate from roof vents, building foundations, cleanouts, downspouts, and sewer laterals. If the smoke is not contained in the sewer system, it could cause a sanitary sewer overflow, which is terrible for the environment.

Sanitary sewer smoke testing uses smoke fluids and classic smoke candles to assess the condition of a sewer system. This method is recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is highly accurate. It detects any sewer system defects that may require capital rehabilitation projects.


Smoke testing is essential in determining the quality of your sanitary sewer system. It helps identify leaks and breaks in the sewer system. The smoke tests’ smoke is non-staining, odorless, and white to gray. It does not harm people, pets, or the environment. In most cases, the smoke will dissipate within a few minutes.

Smoke testing is a safe and cost-effective way to check your sewer lines for defects. The technique uses blowers to blow artificial smoke into a blocked sanitary sewer line section. This smoke is non-staining and non-toxic, and a good line will allow forced smoke to escape through maintenance hole lids or house vents.

In addition to using non-staining smoke to identify non-staining sanitary flow, smoke testing also identifies where leaks or connections may be located in the sewer system. During smoke testing, the testing crews will wear safety vests and drive marked vehicles to complete the inspection.

Creates No Fire

Sanitary sewer smoke testing is essential to ensure that a building’s plumbing system is free of leaks. Smoke from plumbing vents can enter buildings, but it does not cause fires. It also leaves no residuals and is non-toxic to humans and pets.

A field technician blows non-toxic smoke through a sewer pipe to find leaks and other defects. The smoke rises and exits from the line, indicating the location of a broken pipe or sewer system. There is no danger to humans, animals, or plants, and the test has no adverse effects on the occupants of the building.

When the testing is complete, the smoke will dissipate quickly. Residents may notice a small amount of smoke in their homes, but it is harmless. The smoke will not stain or create a fire and dissipate within minutes. If you experience smoke in your home, you can contact a licensed plumber to determine if there is a problem with your sewer connection. You can also periodically refresh your drains with water and run your air conditioning units regularly to fill up condensation traps.


Sanitary smoke testing uses a machine to blow smoke into a sewer line. It reveals any leaks within a matter of minutes. It also leaves no residue or stains. It is considered an excellent method for determining the source of a sewage leak. This method is also safe for residents, as it does not require entry into a residence.

Smoke testing is inexpensive and safe to find defects and breaks in a sanitary sewer line. It is easy to do. Professional companies can perform this service at any time of the day. 

Smoke can enter your home and pose a health risk. If you notice smoke entering your home, it is a sign that your sanitary sewer is failing. This could be due to a plumbing defect or improper installation of drain traps. If you suspect a leaking sewer, contact a plumber immediately.

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