spray pesticides safely

How to spray pesticides safely in your garden

If you want to protect your fruit tree from pests during the summer, you may have to use pesticides or chemicals. This can scare certain people who think fruits can absorb chemicals. If you do things the right way, you can get rid of all pests without infecting the tree. If you are going to spray chemicals, you will surely use a pump or hose sprayer.

Spray pesticides safely

When you are mixing the chemicals to spray, you should follow the instructions exactly. Remember that you are dealing with hazardous chemicals, so it is best to do exactly what professionals recommend and wear the appropriate protective equipment. When working with chemicals, you should wear rubber protective gloves. Use exactly the proportions indicated on the label. The estimate will not work in this case and could end up killing your tree or leaving insects alive. You should start by putting the right amount of insecticide and then applying the water.

spray pesticides safely

Do not smoke and spray pesticides

If you are going to use the pump sprayer, you can determine the chemical mix more accurately. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to spray it too far. Usually, you cannot reach the tips of the trees. This will have to be achieved with a spray hose, but getting the right mix of chemicals can be challenging. It all depends on the water pressure, which is not constant. A day may be lower, in which it will leave the highest chemical contents. The type of materials that you have to buy for the application of the hose is very concentrated and must be quite diluted before being applied.

Do not put pesticides in cola bottles

Now comes the spray. The goal is to spray the same amount in all areas. If you spray too much, you can hurt the leaves. You can usually use a ladder to reach the upper parts of the tree. You must apply the same amount of insecticide for each piece of the tree. Never spray the same area twice.

If you are dealing with a long and well-developed tree, you should stand on the ladder under the base of the trunk. Then spray from the inside out. Once you have sprayed the outer canopy, you will be ready to go out and work on the rest of the tree. Once you have finished spraying, be sure to clean all the equipment you have used, including your clothes. Do not put the clothes you used to spray in the same place where your family’s clothes are.

Do not smell plants sprayed with pesticides

When spraying against pests, the main thing will be to avoid dripping the soil. When this happens, the pesticide is absorbed by the roots of the tree and is transported to the fruits. As long as the pesticides stay on the outside and you wash your fruits before eating them, you won’t have to worry about the poison.

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