Small Kitchen design

Small Kitchen design: tips for making them successful

Small Kitchen design-If you are passionate about gastronomy and your kitchen has become outdated and is asking for a reform, do not hesitate, let yourself be advised by professionals to help you find a space adapted to your tastes and needs. Today we will give you tips for small Kitchen design.

The reforms of kitchens can get to be a bit stressful, because you have to make many decisions. There must be a well-defined project before starting, so we want to help you get your ideal kitchen.

Who to turn to reform the kitchen?

Small Kitchen design

Surely more than one must be asking him this question. Perhaps the most difficult thing is precisely this: to get a company or the professional for our project. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen you should know that the key is to find the right people. On the other hand, the best way to save on a reform is to compare budgets. That is why we suggest you complete this form, tell us what you want to do and where you want it. Professionals and companies in your area will send you up to 4 FREE estimates. And do not worry; this does not imply any commitment.

Planning of small Kitchen design

Once you have gotten who carries out the reform of your small Kitchen design will have to define some things. You and the professional should carefully plan and distribute each element. These are some of the points to keep in mind:

  • How much time do you spend in the kitchen? It is not the same to cook sporadically (holidays, weekends, etc.) than to do it daily. Therefore you have to decide if you want an office area, if you are going to throw a partition and leave the kitchen open to the living area, etc …
  • This is the right time to renovate the facilities. If the pipes have more than 25 years, they have to be checked and it may be appropriate to replace them. It is also advisable to see how the electrical installation is. That is why the kitchen reforms are usually quite complex.
  • Make the most of space. If the kitchen is used daily it may be a good idea to enlarge the work area. When making these kinds of modifications in the kitchen it can be a good idea to see the storage space. We can do this by renovating the kitchen furniture or by attaching some other module.
  • One recommendation is to make the distribution of kitchen furniture depending on the square footage and the shape of the room. The plan will have to have well specified the water and light outlets.

Reforms of kitchens according to space

The ideal in a kitchen is to achieve a space where functionality prevails without neglecting the aesthetic. We have already talked about the possible distributions of kitchens on other occasions, but here are some tips:

  • For narrow and elongated spaces it is best to place the furniture only on one front.
  • If the kitchen is rectangular and wide, the most recommended is to place the furniture in parallel (on the two facing walls).
  • You can add the high furniture to the ceiling, to have a greater storage capacity.
  • In square kitchens, you can arrange the furniture in “L” and if you have enough space you could also perhaps arrange the furniture in “U” .
  • Parallel kitchen
  • Installing an island or peninsula kitchen can be very practical to have more area of ​​work, and even to eat breakfast or eat something fast.
  • In the kitchens reforms you have to distribute the zones according to the function. A kitchen should have 3 areas, which is known as the “working triangle “: cooking, washing and storage. It is the best way to optimize space and avoid unnecessary travel and waste of time.
  • Each area must have a support surface, for example, next to the oven ideally, it would have a space to leave the hot sources. It also happens in the cooking zone and in the sink.

Choose quality kitchen furniture

If you are thinking about changing the kitchen furniture you should take into account many factors: colors, style, design, etc … But without a doubt, it is advisable to choose quality kitchen furniture. They may be more expensive at the beginning, but in the medium and long term we will be saving money.

The kitchen is a room that has a daily wear, so it is important to take care of the choice of furniture and countertop, so that it resists well the passage of time and in good condition. Generally the kitchen furniture is manufactured with a base of agglomerate (wood or water-repellent) and on it is added another layer that is what forms the finish and to some extent the quality of the piece.

There are also other options such as the DM board. They are more expensive than agglomerate furniture, but less than multilayer panels that are formed of thin superimposed layers of high quality solid wood. The latter, since their cost is quite high, few manufacturers sell them.

Finishes in kitchen furniture

The quality of a kitchen depends largely on the materials of your furniture, especially the fronts. Between the finishing of the doors you can distinguish:

  • Solid or veneered wood. It is a resistant and elegant material that is always a trend in the design of kitchens.
  • Depending on the thickness, it will provide more or less resistance.
  • High pressure laminate. They are of higher quality than melamine, as they have great resistance to heat, humidity and shock. They are formed of several hardened layers.
  • PVC sheets. They are of excellent quality and there is a great variety of shades to choose from. Its cleaning and maintenance is simple.
  • It is generally used in doors of measured thickness (MD). Several layers of synthetic resins are applied to shape their finish. There is a wide variety of colors with gloss or matte finishes.

How to get an ergonomic kitchen

Working with comfort is essential in this stay. It is for this reason that for the small Kitchen design it is necessary to take into account the adequate measures for each zone and elements that compose it. The kitchen cabinets have standardized measures. The modules of low furniture must have a depth of 60 cm, while the height of 35. As for the width of each module there is more variety: there are small modules, from about 20 cm to even 120 cm. The most common modules are 45, 60 or 90 cm.

Normally the average height of the kitchens is between 2.15 to 2.35 cm. To take advantage of the wall, tall furniture usually measures between 70 and 90 cm. It is advisable to place them at 140 cm from the floor and approximately 60 cm from the kitchen counter.

To avoid useless travel, we must place the different zones with a distance that allows us to move and that we do not have so far one sector of the other. If you are going to place an island there has to be a space around 90 cm to be able to move freely and be able to open the doors of the furniture.

What do you think of these tips for small Kitchen design? I hope you have helped and you decide to give your kitchen a new look.

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