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Decoration for a country small dining room

Small dining room-However, many people decide to live in them throughout the year, a trend that we do not stop seeing today. This is because these spaces are able to recreate a relaxed atmosphere of relaxation. which is valued so much on a day-to-day basis.

The decoration of these houses usually presents a well-defined rustic style, in which the use of wood as the main material stands out. A space that always costs to harmonize with respect to the rest of the house is the small dining room. It is one of the places where we spend the most time and therefore, its decoration becomes more complicated. This space, among other things, should enjoy practicality, functionality and of course, comfort. Hence the difficulty of its decoration.

Then some tips that, sure, you can apply to your dining room, following the new trends that come in decoration.

Rustic colors

small dining room

The field eaters pursue naturalness in all the elements. That’s why color is so important. We call rustic colors to those that fit perfectly to this style. Especially its rough wood and strident tones.

The colors that we can see most in this type of rooms and, in the rest of the rooms, are the most basic and those that make us get in touch with nature. The earth or green tones get to give the setting that rusticity that we pursue.

We cannot forget about neutral colors like gray or light cream. These clear tones provide the necessary balance between one and other colors to achieve that balance.

What we will not see, generally, is the protagonist of vibrant colors. Although if we can see, details in warm tones to create a more welcoming environment, such as red, yellow ocher, burnt gold or orange oxide.

Most common materials

As we can imagine, one of the most used are exposed brick and stone. Both materials give that extra of rudeness and naturalness. We can leave them visible on the walls, depending on the structure of the house or details such as the fireplace.

The wooden beams are also elements that are often included as they complement very well with other types of materials. We can see them located on the roof or as details on certain walls.

The combination of these elements in the small dining room will create a perfect atmosphere in this type of houses, which are usually surrounded by nature. If you intend to renovate an old house, recover these elements and give them all the prominence they deserve.

Luminosity above all

Lighting, as in any home, is essential and more if it comes from a natural focus . In the small dining room of a country house, this becomes essential because we spend a lot of time in it, especially at lunchtime.

It is important that there is a large window so that the environment enjoys luminosity and everything looks perfectly. Let natural light seep through the windows. In the field light has much more intensity and we cannot miss it. For that, it is important that you avoid placing dense curtains. Opt for light curtains or light curtains.

The perfect furniture for the small dining room

It is important that you mark the boundaries of the small dining room with other areas. We can achieve this by placing separating furniture or even carpets so that you can visually see that they are different spaces.

The dining table has to be the right size to fit a lot of people. Normally, they are very familiar houses that seek the meeting and spend a few days relaxed, so that usually many people gather around them.

Work tables made with natural elements are very common in country houses. Some are made of rough wood with thick legs and others, even of stone.

Another idea is to combine more modern elements, such as a table with a wooden surface and steel legs. Currently, you can see a lot of stools made with tree trunks. This will add a plus of originality in the stay.

Including design chairs in rustic environments is something that is beginning to be seen a lot by renowned interior designers. This provides a more modern touch in a rustic environment.

Details that add up

If you are one of the most traditional, in terms of decoration, a good idea that is seen in many field dining rooms is to recover elements related to life in the countryside. For example, bonitos, clay dishes, farming rakes, lamps, straw baskets, etc. You can turn it into elements that decorate the room adding more rusticity to the environment.

If you want to decorate the small dining room with a more rustic chic atmosphere, you can include natural elements such as plants. A tip that will help your dining room look more natural is to place them as a centerpiece or for certain furniture in the house. The combination of the greenery of the plants with the wood, will be a sure hit.

Regarding the curtains, our recommendation is that simple and simple materials such as cotton or linen. We do not want all the attention to fall on them. You can buy natural fibers to combine with other textiles such as carpets or tablecloths.

The central table

What would the dining room be without its central table? … A rather strange experiment, surely. Therefore, the choice of the central table is one of the keys in the decoration of dining rooms. First, it is advisable to occupy the central place of the dining room and close to natural light (some window), will be in a prominent place, but must allow free movement through space.

The size of your environment will tell you about the proportions you need, the shape and the table model you will use. A round dining table is recommended for small spaces and with few people, instead, the rectangular tables are more used for large dining rooms and many diners.

The style is marked by the colors of the wall or the furniture that accompanies it, although if you start from scratch, you can start from the table you choose as it usually stands out for its size in front of other furniture and is a central location element.

Chairs for the dining room

You can not necessarily buy them with the table; the dining games are no longer so fashionable. On the one hand, you can choose the table and, then, the chairs that best combine, according to your tastes and the style of it.

On the other hand, there is a very popular trend to create your own dining set with chairs of different models, materials and sizes, but remember that the set of furniture must be accompanied by this style.

Another important point should not bother or be uncomfortable to look at and of course, should be comfortable to stand a good after-dinner without being “ejected from the food.” Forget about folding chairs, they are used only as auxiliary elements and for other uses.

Lighting and ceiling lamp

It is recommended first to choose the central ceiling lamp  that is usually associated with the dining table, which you will only use when it is dark or cloudy, you have to take into account the lighting of the space will only be directed to the dining table.

For round and square tables, a single round-shaped lamp with a round beam of light. In rectangular tables, or several round tables or elongated lamps with several points of light following the line of the table. The right height to the table in light is about 75 centimeters.

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