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Rustic Interior Design: How to Decorate the Interior

The decoration of rustic houses is one project we love to take in here. It is one style that seems more relaxed. Because we love ​​living in a home that is connected to nature as another piece of the planet. They must comply with certain sacred key points, and they must never be missing.

Rustic interior design ideas

Keep in mind that, this time, we will focus especially on houses that are already rustic. They are outside the city and were built with materials that belong to this decorative style. However, you can take many of the ideas we will mention. If you want to give a new wild air to your apartment on the 15th floor.

All decoration must begin with the color palette

We always emphasize it, because it is one of the most important points, but still many people still underestimate. We refer to the selection of colors. With rustic decoration, it is also closely linked to the selection of materials.

In the rustic style, the predominant colors are terrestrial brown in all its varieties, sand, beige. All of them a feeling of warmth and a cozy atmosphere that cannot be achieved with the typical white or orange.

Vibrant colors in small portions and strategic locations. They will give your rustic decoration a very natural appearance, breaking with the monotony of earthly colors that can become oppressive because the wood reigns right and left.

The primary colors are ideal for giving that touch of brightness to a rustic decoration. Whether on the banks of the kitchen bar or bar. And within the frame of the photo frames where the photos of the smallest or cushions of the room are exhibited. You can play with these three colors with the characteristics of the wood. You will have enough options in your color palette if you follow these simple tips for rustic interior design.

rustic interior design

Tips for rustic interior design

When we look back at the concept of rustic decoration in the old rooms; We notice the squares and strident tones abundantly. However, over the years, that strict trend has been slightly displaced by more striking, colorful tones, yes. Respect the use of textured materials and fabric weave.

The first advice that we give you to decorate your rustic house in a warm way. It respects the concept of the foundations of the style. But without being very daring, It can be cataloged as a modern concept. What you should do is include colors such as washed wood, pastel shades, animal prints, flowers or stripes.

It includes green, either in the ground or in natural plants on a table; Instead of the typical table lamp, add a plant.

Green is a color that is perfect for wooden shutters. In the classic rustic houses, it was very common to see this type of windows, and they are still a great addition, almost essential.

But if we are going to talk about the classic, that is still preserved, and that can not be missing when decorating a rustic house is a fireplace. A boiler of wrought iron or steel, of stones or bricks fire.

There is no better place than the room or the hall to include this small aggregate. It should always be functional and never decorative. It doesn’t have to be the main piece of the room, just make sure you don’t do without it.

Decorating the kitchen

We already talked about the fire in the room but in the kitchen. Despite the stove, the oven and the iron. The true protagonist element that we should exploit is water.


Again we return to colors. Unlike modern kitchens, it is intended that the elements remain invisible to the eye when they are not being used. Rustic kitchens admit and use handles, both indoors and in the shutter.

Although look for a configuration that allows you to embed modern appliances on the wall; the doors as such are protagonists in rustic kitchens. Exhibiting wooden pallets, large jars of clay, and even having a small display of spices are different small jars. If you can remove the high modules and instead add a showcase, then you will be on the best of the roads to achieve a totally rustic kitchen!

Keep in mind that details are also very important at this point. Wrought iron teapots are functional. You should buy one. Even if you will not use it, a wrought iron plate will give a great visual value to your kitchen.

You should not give up the target. Take advantage of this color with discretion, either in the jars or in the larger plates. So do not consider using white on the kitchen counter.

And the other environments of the house? For those places that are not so crowded, you can also apply certain tricks that will give them a unique personality and accentuate the whole rustic concept.

For the dining room

dining room

We like to unify the style creating a clear transition between the dining room, the kitchen, and the living room. For this, we usually take advantage of textiles. A carpet that gives continuity to the environments can be a great option to give that touch of softness to the dining room that is usually topped by so much wood.

The chairs you use should be a solid color, no matter how you see them over time. Remember that you can also use a light shade like white and let the design itself speak.

In particular, we do not approve the use of wrought iron in the dining room, unless it is a ceiling lamp or chandelier-style lamps. It is ideal for outdoors.

The facade of the house

facade of the house

The exterior appearance is very important when you want to have a house that transmits warmth from the first moment. Of course, if you have a rustic house; Surely you will not find it difficult to locate garden furniture or a corner where you are in contact with nature.

If the facade of your house is not made of stone or wood; Remember that many materials can simulate that rustic look. Do not forget to include plants in the windows, and if you are going to place bars. It retains the natural color of wrought iron.



Both in the bedrooms and throughout the house natural light is much more important. For moments of intimacy and seclusion, artificial light should be dim, but rustic houses are well lit during the day.

To achieve that sense of immensity, little furniture in the bedroom is always more than enough. A closet at most in combination with the bedside tables and a comb. So you should not include a floor lamp but take advantage of the light outputs of the wall at night.

What is usually included in the bedrooms are carpets? The floors of the rustic houses are hard by nature, but they can also become very cold. With the carpets, you will correct this aspect unless you use thermal floating floors.



In bathrooms, it is advisable to use wrought iron in lamps and stone on some or all of the walls. The color sand, in combination with the white of the sanitary slab, creates the exact balance between the modern and the rustic.

If you are going to include containers such as a soap dispenser, candles, or a vase, to make the most of natural lighting, we recommend that you use transparent glass boats.

Let the biggest sanitary slab be the protagonist. You could leave the rustic style a little and place glass to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom or; If it doesn’t bother you, keep the curtain.

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