Protecting your vehicle from winter when you have no garage

Winter can be a harsh time for your vehicle, especially when it’s left out in the elements. From plummeting temperatures to stormy winds, a level of damage can be expected, whether it’s obvious or something more hidden like rust. The best solution is covering up your vehicle when not in use, such as in a garage. But what if you don’t have a garage? You need to find other ways to protect your assets. Here are some tips:

Cover up your glass

It can be a real time-consuming pain removing ice and snow from your windscreen on a cold winter morning. It makes sense to invest in a windscreen cover to act as a barrier between the glass and ice or snow as it will make your life easier and protect the glass. A cover can help prevent the possibility of the glass cracking under the weight of snow or ice.

Looking after your tyres

If left out in the elements, a car will sit on wet, cold and icy conditions all the time. Driving through gritted streets can also take its toll on your tyres. If you live in an area that sees a lot of snowfall, it makes sense to fit snow chains or tyres specifically designed for winter conditions.

Cover up

Having no garage means your car is constantly exposed to the elements. Why not consider a permanent solution in the form of a Bespoke Oak Carport? Not only do they look great but will provide shelter, space and protection from hail, wind, sun, snow and rain.

Think about where you park

During the winter months, it is sensible to avoid parking under trees or other low structures that might be weighed down with ice or snow. Should a storm force branches to fall from a tree or part of a building subside due to heavy rain, snow or ice, you could find your car is in a bit of a state! Be mindful of where you park to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Have a backup plan

Plans often go awry when bad weather conditions descend, such as dead batteries for one. Low temperatures can easily zap the remaining juice from a weak battery, so it’s best to have a backup plan. If your battery dies and you’re stuck at the side of the road, a portable power unit would be a lifesaver, enabling you to jumpstart your vehicle and get home safely.


Other important measures to ensure your car makes it through the winter in top condition is to carry out regular maintenance and car care. Book a winter care appointment at a local garage so you can have things checked and sorted out, like an oil change, tyre change or rotation, a top of antifreeze and anything else that needs doing to keep you driving safely next winter.


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