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What is the most used masonry materials?

Masonry materials– The masonry is the oldest constructive system , which consists of lifting walls or parliaments manually and by superimposing the elements, called masonry.

The masonry materials can be made of different materials such as stone, brick, cement blocks, etc.

In fact, there are countless constructions of this type, until about 100 years ago almost everything that was built was in this way. An iconic example would be the Aqueduct of Segovia .

Below I will explain the types of masonry that are used today.

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Masonry classes that exist

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2 types of masonry are differentiated according to their function and usefulness as the following:

  • Carrier: has structural function.
  • Non-bearing: its main function is to divide spaces, they must not support ceilings or higher levels. In addition, they can also be divided into 4 types of masonry  materials according to their construction, such as.
  • Dry masonry: no type of mortar is used, the union of the wall is in the pieces that must be placed so that the wall has stability.
  • Ordinary masonry: mortar is used in the joints.
  • Masonry cared: unlike the previous ones, the exterior face is worked to improve the aesthetics of the wall.
  • Concerted masonry: the masonry is worked in such a way that its faces have polygonal shapes and the construction is easier.

How is masonry materials used today?

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The most common way today are brick walls or concrete blocks, do not worry, you have to coat it. You cannot stay like that. The stone masonry is not used as in the past. It is not profitable to build such thick walls in the houses. In civil work, yes that can be found in walls.

But do not be scared if you want a house with a rustic finish, with a beautiful and traditional stone masonry. You can have it easily and without losing space with the walls of yesteryear.

Now we have it very easy to give an old or rustic touch, as it could be a house in the town. The best option and more economical are the stone coatings that imitate the masonry materials. Thus we will have the benefits of a new construction such as isolation and rustic touch on the outside or inside. It depends on you.

There is a wide range of stone masonry coverings so we can give the touch we want to our home. We can follow the style of the old houses of the environment or choose the one that we like the most.

A trend in interior decoration for both homes and premises is the masonry in the interior. Giving a totally different touch to your home whether rustic or modern.

What is the material used for the interior masonry?  Without doubt your best options are granite , marble and limestone’s and sandstone.

One way to have a different bathroom is for example to put a masonry covering in the bath or shower area. Or on the wall of the sink using materials such as granite for it.

House without walls

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Wall Less House is a house of modern design, which highlights the large amount of glass, replacing the walls of brick or concrete, which usually exists in conventional housing.

This house is called “Wall Less House”, or house without walls, it is a design by Takaharu Tezuka, a Japanese architect. In this house, the visual contact with the environment is a starting point. Therefore the presence of glass walls surrounding the construction. The house is formed by three levels, and between them there are very thin columns on each floor. Built with a steel structure, and in addition to the three floors it has, has a floor or underground level.

Above all the first level, it is in permanent contact with the nature of the gardens that surround the house, on this floor there are no walls, only windows that allow a full view of the exterior. The use of glass walls makes the interior of the house offer a 360º view of the garden, and ample natural lighting. On the last level there is a terrace with a picturesque wooden pavement. And a large skylight. Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo , Japan Surface area: 255.19m2 Constructed area: 50.84m2 Usable area: 239.91m2 Floors: 1 underground, 3 floors Structure.

House with balance

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The House in Hayama by Yohei Kohno Architects balances the two main characteristics of the city as a tourist and leisure center between Tokyo and Yokohama.

The physical proximity to the beach speaks of the function of the location as a vacation spot. The structure emphasizes this relationship with the columns set back to allow a wide view of the coast from each room. The open quality of this design is read in the floor plan and materiality. There are few interior partitions, and those that lead to the outside are made of glass. These exterior walls are such inserts that each floor has a roof, which has multiple benefits-that expand the physical connection between indoor. And outdoor spaces, and its depth provides nuance for each level below. The protection of the glass walls of the solar collection is essential to maintain the house

Fresh in the temperate maritime climate of Hayama with warm and humid summers. External stairs connect the terraces, emphasizing the importance of outdoor space with the nature of the house. While the interior staircase responds to a desire for privacy.

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