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Trends in kitchen counter tops for 2019

Kitchen counter tops-Times change, aesthetics also. If, a few years ago, the synthetic materials were wearing the counter tops in our kitchen, now the trend seems to change a little more. The natural is fashionable, and that is more than obvious. Would you like to know what the trends in kitchen counter tops are for 2019?

It is not that synthetic counter tops are in the doldrums; the truth is that they are still used. However, there is a clear inclination to other types of materials. Today we talk about some of them.

Granite counter tops remain a trend

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Granite counter tops were the most used in the 80s and 90s. A rock composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. It is the most abundant rock in the continental crust, so its price, within natural stones , is more accessible than others.

If you look, the trend in the kitchens has changed radically. Modern spaces are no longer so booming. We try to bet on a clearly retro or vintage aesthetic. For this reason, it is not uncommon that we currently find granite stones covering the surface of the kitchens.

The black and white kitchens with granite counter tops look very nice. Here we have a clear example where both the bench and the kitchen island are made of granite in black.

Within the market we can find granite stones from many parts of the world. For example, the most limited Spanish granite in color, basically finding gray and pink. However, in other countries it is more common to find granites with more nuances.

Houses like Levantine have a lot of travel in this type of material, offering really nice options that fit the aesthetics of modern kitchens.

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Trends in kitchen counter tops: the elegance of marble

The marble is one of the finest natural stones that can be found today, and yes, it is also fashionable. It is a compact metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone rocks that crystallize at high temperatures. As for its main component is calcium carbonate.

Its appearance is very different from that of granite. In fact we have published an article where we talk about the differences between marble and granite. The marble is almost smooth in its color, although there are pieces that have veins. It is one of the most beautiful stones that we can install in a modern kitchen, although obviously its price is also high.

As for the brands, throughout the world there are many quarries that work with marble. For example, Consenting, a really important brand, exploits the marble quarries of the town of Macael, in Almeria, Spain. Hence the white Michael. Nor can we forget the famous marble of Carrara, in Tuscany, a marble that artists like Michelangelo already worked and that even the Roman emperors appreciated.

Yes, it is true, there are many materials, but nothing matches the elegance of marble countertops.

Slate counter tops

The natural slate counter tops are not yet too much exploited, but they begin to appear strongly in many environments. But what is the slate stone? It is a dense, fine-grained metamorphic rock. The minerals that form it are, mainly, quartz, silicate and muscovite.

It has an incredible beauty. The slate counter tops can be found in several colors: gray, bluish black, and also in red or even green and other shades. In addition, we must not forget that it is a waterproof stone, that’s why it is also used on roofs and facades of houses.

New materials: porcelain counter tops

We also see how new materials are introduced that until now we did not know, this is the case of porcelain counter tops, an option that increasingly convinces. These surfaces are ultra compact in which different natural mineral copings are used. They are subjected to high pressures and temperatures. The result is a material with almost zero porosity, therefore, porcelain counter tops are the most resistant we can find in the market.

Marble counter tops: advantages and disadvantages

Although there is a wide variety of materials for kitchen counter tops today, it must be said that the marble comes back quite strongly, supplanting even materials that had already been installed in this room. If you are thinking about reforming your kitchen, you will surely want to know a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of marble counter tops.

Marble has many properties and advantages that can be very useful in this important sector of the house. However, we must also be honest, this natural stone may also have some limitations that you should consider before buying or changing your counter top or kitchen counter.

Advantages of marble counter tops

A few decades ago, marble counter tops were quite common. Then came other materials that were gaining ground, mostly because of costs, such as granite. However, it is the preferred material for those looking for an elegant finish. What are the advantages of marble counter tops? We’ll tell you later …

A very resistant natural stone

Marble is a really tough natural stone. They are to heat and high temperatures. Yes, the marble does not burn. Therefore, it is a quite suitable material to use in a kitchen counter top, where we usually support hot dishes and pots.

Marble: elegance and variety of tones

As a natural stone, in addition to having many tones, it must be said that each piece is unique. Yes, natural stones have this characteristic, and this is no exception. In addition, the marble has a wide variety of colors that can adapt to any style.

We cannot forget either the elegance of this material. Few counter top materials are so delicate and glamorous. The marble counter tops are ideal for the most classic kitchens, although the truth is that it does not look bad in other styles, it will only bring a plus of sophistication, which always comes in handy.

Polishing marble counter tops

Being a natural material, if it loses its shine it can always be polished again. It is an expensive process, yes, but better that to change the counter top for another. Now, if we want to avoid this, it may be better to choose a matte finish, because they do not have these problems with the passage of time.

Cleaning of marble

Marble is a very hygienic and clean material. Also, your daily maintenance could not be easier. Any soapy solution will disinfect the surface and leave it shiny for the next time we use it.

Disadvantages of marble counter tops

It is true that we love this material for kitchen counter tops, of that there is no doubt, but what has been said before, every element or kitchen furniture has associated advantages and disadvantages. Next we will mention the ones that we believe most important.

Marble can stain

If we start with the disadvantages of marble for kitchens, we must say that it is a porous material. This means that substances such as grease, oil or even wine, can be embedded and leave a stain, especially in polished marble . That is why it is important to be careful with this type of substances. The moment we see something falling on the counter top, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. So you should keep this point in mind before installing a marble kitchen counter top.

The marble does not resist much to the blows

Although we have commented that marble is a natural stone that is very resistant to heat, it must be said that it is not so hard to blows. Strong blows can cause the stone to break or present small chafing and damage.

Are marble counter tops expensive?

Without a doubt, the price is what attracts us least of this type of material. It is quite expensive in relation to other materials for kitchen counter tops. Keep in mind that although there are different stores, brands and models, in general, putting a marble counter top will be more expensive than a wooden or granite.

When opting for a marble counter top we must bear in mind that, being more expensive, it is likely that we will not change it for many years. This is a point against those who cannot avoid changing furniture, appliances and / or counter tops every so often.

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