Keeping your Home Safe and Secure During the Festive Season

Christmas is a time to look forward to relaxing and enjoying ourselves. But sadly, another group of people who look forward to Christmas are burglars. It is important at Christmas to remember not to let our guard down too much when it comes to home security, as burglaries increase at this time of the year.

Lured in by the promise of expensive jewellery, Farah menswear from EJ Menswear, toys and gifts under the tree, as well as empty houses and long dark nights, it is important that you are especially vigilant at Christmas.

Use Lighting – Because something that attracts burglars is the ability to work under cover of darkness, use plenty of lights. Security lights outside your home are a good way to put thieves off entering.

Secure the Home – It may sound an obvious one, but always make sure that all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house and before you go to bed at night. If you have locks that are faulty or don’t work as well as they should get them repaired or changed as soon as possible.

Protect the Garden – A favourite route for burglars is via the garden as they have less chance of being spotted. Make your garden unpleasant and inaccessible to intruders by using sturdy high fencing and planting thorny and spiky plants around the edge of the garden, such as some festive holly!

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