Is Replacing a Garage Door Worth It?

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth replacing your garage door, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. There are several factors to consider, such as energy efficiency and security. While some problems are fairly easy to fix, others may go on for months or even years. A garage door has many moving parts and can go through hundreds of lifts before problems begin to occur. Looking for garage door companies in Kingsburg, CA, to resolve garage door problems early can ensure that your door stays in good condition and lasts as long as possible.


Getting a garage door that fits your home

If you’re planning to sell your house soon, investing in a new garage door can help maximize the sale price. However, whether the current door is old or broken, it can have a negative impact on your home’s curb appeal and property value. 

Measure your garage opening before you begin shopping for a new door. Taking measurements is a good guide for cost, style, and materials. In addition, the type of material you choose will impact your new door’s overall look, maintenance, and lifespan. There are four main types of materials: steel, wood, aluminum, and composite. All of these materials come with their pros and cons. To help you choose the right one for your home, start by measuring the door opening.


Cost of a garage door replacement

Estimating the garage door replacement cost is a good way to compare the costs of different materials and services. However, national averages shouldn’t be relied upon because the labor rate in one state may be considerably higher than in another. Additionally, the cost of living in a city can affect the hourly rate of a garage installer. The cost of a garage door replacement should be based on several factors, such as the time needed to prepare the site and the labor set-up and mobilization.

While it can be tempting to save money on labor, the actual cost of a garage door replacement can run into the hundreds. If the door is not working properly, it might need to be lubricated or debris removed from its tracks. A professional repair of these issues can cost as much as $50-$100. A broken glass panel replacement can be a DIY project or a professional repair. If a damaged track is the cause of the noise, a contractor can bend or replace it for a fee of between $100 and $200.


Energy efficiency

Replacing a garage door can save you money on energy bills. You can seal air leaks in the door and prevent hot and cold air from entering your garage. The door’s weather stripping prevents air from leaking, and some weather stripping is made of aluminum. 

New garage doors are a great investment for your home. Not only do they reduce energy bills, but they also increase the value of your home. According to a report, new garage doors have a high return on investment. In addition to energy efficiency, new garage doors are more attractive than old ones. You can easily replace your old garage door with a high-quality, energy-efficient one that will match your house’s design scheme.



A garage door is one of the most overlooked areas of your home. Most homeowners don’t secure it properly and assume that the entry door to their garage provides adequate security. A service door should be secured with a deadbolt lock for maximum security. A thief can get in through a garage door without unlocking it. It can be a big problem if you keep valuable items inside. Replacing the garage door with a new, stronger model can make the home safer.

A new garage door is a great way to enhance your home’s security. The garage is a common entry point for burglars and thieves. Because garage doors are unlocked, they can be used as an entry point into the home. Intruders can insert objects through windows and engage the emergency release lever on the garage door opener. If you’d like to have added security, you can install a frosted or textured safety glass.


Increased home value

According to Remodeling magazine, the average return on investment from replacing a garage door is 85%, much higher than a kitchen remodel, which yields an ROI of 72.2%. Replacing a garage door is a practical improvement that adds curb appeal, security, and lower energy bills. But before you spend your money on this project, ensure you understand how much it costs and if it is worth it.

A new garage door will give your home a fresh, modern look and improve curb appeal. It can also increase the value of your home by up to 7%. The value of a home will also increase because a slick, well-maintained garage door will be safer for homeowners and potential homebuyers. Furthermore, a new door will give your garage a more stable appearance.

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