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How to Use O Cedar Spin Mop Like a Pro?

The O Cedar Spin Mop has become one of the most popular mops for cleaning home floors nationwide. Do you want to learn how to use the O Cedar spin mop? The unique spin-mopping technology mentioned earlier makes it very easy to use. First, fill the bucket with water and your cleaning solution of choice. Then, place the mop head into the bucket and press down on the handle to activate the spinning mechanism. Once the mop head is wet, you can start cleaning your floors by pushing the mop around in a figure-eight motion. Rinse the mop head as needed and repeat until your floors are clean.

With the right techniques, you can fully take advantage of the O Cedar Spin Mop’s benefits. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to use your O Cedar Spin Mop effectively.

An Overview of the O Cedar Spin Mop

The O Cedar Spin Mop utilizes a triangular mop head and built-in wringer to make mopping floors fast and easy. Here’s a quick rundown of its key features:

  • Triangular mop head: The three-sided microfiber mop head maximizes cleaning coverage and allows you to easily clean corners and along baseboards.
  • Built-in wringer: The mop bucket has a pedal-operated wringer that lets you wring out the mop head without wetting your hands.
  • Spinning design: The mop head turns when wrung out, removing excess water efficiently so the mop doesn’t drip.
  • The telescoping handle: It extends to 51″ to reduce back strain when mopping.
  • Mopping solution dispenser: The bucket has a compartment to quickly dispense cleaning solution onto the mop heads.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the O Cedar Spin Mop

Using the O Cedar Spin Mop correctly will allow you to tackle messes efficiently and leave floors clean. Follow these steps to get the most out of your spin mop:

1. Prepare the Mop Head

Prepare the Mop Head

Before starting, you must attach the mop head to the pole. Here’s how:

  • Lift the wringer on the mop bucket.
  • Slide the mop pole straight down through the hole in the wringer.
  • Line up the holes on the mop head with the tabs on the pole.
  • Twist the mop head clockwise to lock it into place.

Make sure the mop head is securely attached before mopping.

2. Fill the Bucket

Add water and cleaning solution to the bucket before mopping:

  • Fill the bucket to the fill line with warm water. Hot water can damage the mop fibers.
  • Add 2-3 capfuls of O Cedar Spin Mop cleaning solution. This will help lift dirt and grime.
  • Push down the dispenser plug in the bucket. This will release the solution into the water.

Mix the solution with your hand to combine thoroughly.

3. Soak the Mop Head

Now it’s time to soak the mop fibers in the solution:

  • Dunk the mop head in the water and solution until saturated.
  • Push the mop into the corners of the bucket to soak all three sides.
  • Let the mop soak for 2-3 minutes. This allows the solution to penetrate the fibers.

Washing the head ensures maximum cleaning power.

4. Wring Out the Mop

Before mopping, you need to wring out excess water and solution from the mop head:

  • Place the saturated mop head inside the wringer.
  • Step on the pedal to lower the wringer onto the mop head.
  • As the mop spins, it will wring liquid back into the bucket.
  • Wring the mop until it is damp but not dripping.

Proper wringing prevents water splashing and streaks.

5. Mop Your Floors

Now you’re ready to start mopping like a pro! Follow these tips:

  • Use overlapping strokes to clean areas thoroughly.
  • Apply light pressure as you push and pull the mop. The microfiber will grab dirt and grime.
  • Mop in larger sections for efficiency. Then, spot mop high-traffic areas.
  • Rinse the mop head after each section to remove buildup. Rewing before mopping again.
  • For stuck-on messes, let the mop sit on the spot for a few seconds to allow the solution to penetrate.
  • Change out dirty solution as needed to keep water clean.

With practice, you’ll get your mopping pattern down quickly!

6. Refresh the Mop Head

After mopping, it’s important to rinse and wring the mop head thoroughly:

  • Fill the bucket with clean water. Dunk the mop head in and swirl it around to rinse.
  • Press the wringer pedal to wring out as much liquid as possible.
  • Remove the mop head. Rinse both sides of the mop with clean running water.
  • Wring it again until it is nearly dry.

Proper rinsing prevents dirt buildup in the mop fibers.

7. Air Dry the Mop

Let your O Cedar Spin Mop dry entirely before storage:

  • Detach the mop head from the pole once sufficiently wrung out.
  • Hang the mop head on a large hook or rod to air dry.
  • You can also lay it flat on a towel. Just make sure both sides are exposed to air.
  • Allow the mop to dry for at least 4-6 hours or overnight.

Don’t store the mop wet, or mildew can develop.

And that’s it! These tips allow you to use your O Cedar Spin Mop like a cleaning pro.

Handy O Cedar Spin Mop Cleaning Tips

Handy O Cedar Spin Mop Cleaning Tips

Follow these handy tips to maximize your O Cedar Spin Mop’s cleaning power in any situation:

  • Tackle pet messes: The microfiber mop is great for cleaning up fur, dirt, and muddy paws from pets roaming around the house. The fibers grab pet hair well.
  • Clean kitchen messes: From sticky spills to greasy buildup, the spin mop can handle all kitchen messes on tile, vinyl, and other hard floors.
  • Remove dirt from textured floors: The triangular mop head gets into grout lines and surface textures better than a string or sponge mop.
  • Refresh high-traffic areas: Spot mop entryways, hallways, and other high-traffic areas in between deeper cleanings to keep them looking neat.
  • Clean bathroom floors: The spin mop is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces in the bathroom, from tile to linoleum, while removing grime.
  • Sweep and mop together: Use a broom to sweep floors first, then follow with the spin mop to remove stuck-on dirt and brighten the floor.
  • Damp mop wood floors: Damp mopping with the O Cedar mop helps gently remove surface dust and footprints for sealed hardwood floors.

You can adapt the O Cedar Spin Mop with some creativity to tackle all cleaning challenges.

Handling Tricky Floor Cleaning Jobs

While the O Cedar Spin Mop makes mopping floors a breeze, you may encounter some tricky cleaning jobs that require special treatment. Here are some tips for handling challenging floor messes:

Grease Stains

Greasy stains from food, automotive leaks, or other sources can be tricky to remove. Here are some tips:

  • Liberally apply degreasing spring cleaning solution and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. This gives the chemicals time to break down the grease.
  • Scrub the grease stain gently with the mop using circular motions. The friction will help lift the grease.
  • If needed, rinse the mop and reapply the fresh solution. Multiple applications may be required for tough grease.
  • Once removed, rinse the area well to remove all cleaning solution residue.

Dried Liquid Stains

Spills that have dried on the floor can leave a stubborn stain. Try this:

  • Soak the dried stain well with warm water and dish soap. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.
  • Gently scrub the stain using a circular motion with the mop. This will bring up the stain residue.
  • If needed, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain as you scrub. The abrasiveness can help lift the stain faster.
  • Rinse the area well once the stain is removed.

Removing Scuff Marks

Black rubber scuff marks from shoes can be tough to remove. Try this technique:

  • Liberally spray scuff marks with an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser. Let it soak for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a gentle scrubbing motion over the scuff with the mop. Apply pressure to lift it.
  • For stubborn marks, spray some WD-40 on the spot and let it penetrate for 5 minutes. Then, scrub with the mop.
  • Once removed, rinse the area thoroughly. You may need to mop over it a few times to eliminate cleaner residue.

Disinfecting Floors

Floors can harbor lots of germs, especially kitchens and bathrooms. To disinfect with your spin mop:

  • Sweep or vacuum floors first to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Fill the mop bucket with warm water and add 1/4 cup bleach. Or use a disinfectant floor cleaner instead of bleach.
  • Dip and wring the mop head thoroughly in the disinfecting solution.
  • Use overlapping mop strokes to cover the entire floor area. Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse the floors thoroughly with plain water when finished. Allow floors to air dry completely.

Polishing Wood Floors

The microfiber mop head can also polish and refresh hardwood floors. To buff floors:

  • Sweep floors thoroughly first to remove any grit or debris.
  • Spray a small amount of wood floor polish evenly over a 4×4 foot area.
  • Use light, overlapping mop strokes to spread and polish the floor polish.
  • Continue section by section until the entire floor is polished. Let dry completely.
  • Attach a clean, dry mop head to return and buff floors to a shine.

With the proper techniques, the versatile O Cedar Spin Mop can tackle even the toughest floor-cleaning challenges. Just take your time and use the correct solutions for each mess. Your floors will sparkle!

Cleaning and Care Tips for Your O Cedar Spin Mop

Care Tips for Your O Cedar Spin Mop

To keep your O Cedar Spin Mop working optimally, clean and care for it properly between uses. Follow these maintenance tips:

Rinsing the Mop Head

  • Always rinse the mop thoroughly with clean water after each use.
  • Check for debris caught in the mop fibers. Remove anything tangled in the strands.
  • Occasionally, soak the mop head in warm, soapy water to remove residue. Rinse and air dry completely.

Cleaning the Bucket

  • Empty dirty mop water from the bucket after each use. Don’t let it sit.
  • Use a brush and soapy water to scrub the bucket walls and scrub any gunk or film buildup.
  • Remove the dispenser cap and rinse under running water to remove solution residue.

Checking for Mildew

  • Inspect the mop head regularly for any mildew growth, which can occur if stored wet.
  • Soak the mop in a bleach and water solution if mildew is present. Let it sit, then rinse thoroughly.

Extending Handle Life

  • Avoid banging the handle against walls or objects when mopping.
  • Use caution not to step on the handle when wringing the mop.
  • Check that the handle locks properly in place and retracts smoothly.

With proper care, your O Cedar Spin Mop will deliver spotless, streak-free floors for years!


The O Cedar Spin Mop makes getting beautiful, clean floors throughout your home quick and easy. Following the proper set-up, mopping, and care techniques will help you take full advantage of this mop’s excellent floor-cleaning capabilities.

With its innovative spin-mopping technology, the O Cedar mop lets you wring out excess liquid with just the press of a pedal, keeping floors clean and dry. The triangular mop head design maximizes your cleaning coverage area.

While tackling tricky messes or stains may require additional effort, the spin mop’s versatility enables it to handle even heavy-duty cleaning jobs when paired with the right solutions.

Give your O Cedar Spin Mop the occasional maintenance it needs, and it will give you years of straightforward, stress-free mopping. Soon, you’ll wonder how you ever cleaned floors without it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I need to replace the mop head?

With regular use, expect to replace the mop head every 3-6 months. Replace sooner if the fibers look worn or start to smell funky. The triangles should still spin freely when wrung out.

2. Can I use the O Cedar mop on all floor types?

The microfiber mop is safe for finished hard floors, including wood, tile, vinyl, laminate, and linoleum. Please do not use it on unfinished wood. Check the mop often on waxed floors, as it can remove wax over time.

3. How do I clean the microfiber mop head?

Rinse thoroughly after each use. Periodically, machine wash the head on a gentle cycle with warm water. Air dry completely before using again.

4. What cleaning solutions can I use?

Use O Cedar floor cleaners or any no-rinse, pH-neutral floor cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals. Please do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide solutions, as they can damage microfiber.

5. How can I get into corners quickly?

The mop head’s triangle design allows you to flip it to either side to reach into corners. You can also detach the head from the pole to scrub corners by hand.

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