How to Prepare your Garden for the Winter

It is tempting at this time of the year to ignore your garden – with no more sunny days to enjoy the paddling pool or warm evenings sitting out in the garden with a glass of wine, it can seem a bit out of bounds during the winter months. But there are lots of things that you can do to prepare your garden for winter and to make it easier in the Spring when you and the family want to enjoy the weather again…

Clearing up the fallen autumn leaves is one of those garden jobs that we just have to get on with at this time of the year. Over the next few weeks go out regularly and clear away leaves – if you stay on top of it it’s not such a big job.

If you have any plants that are vulnerable to cooler temperatures and frost, now is the time to make sure that they are protected for the winter. If you have a greenhouse move them in there, or you can get special covers to keep them safe over the winter.

Garden furniture and kids outdoor toys also need protecting from the elements – companies such as this shelving Ireland based company offer storage solutions for garages so you can keep your outdoor equipment tidily tucked away over the winter months. Now is also a good time to give a lick of paint to any of your garden furniture items that may need it.

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