How to Find Homes in Assumable Mortgage Listings

How to Find Homes in Assumable Mortgage Listings

Assuming a mortgage can be a complicated process, adding to the already stressful experience of finding a new home. However, taking over a current low-rate loan from the seller has significant financial advantages. The savings could amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the loan’s lifetime. This guide breaks down everything you need to know to find and purchase a home with assumable mortgage listings successfully. Let’s get started!

What Exactly is an Assumable Mortgage?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the search process, let’s quickly define what an assumable mortgage is.

An assumable mortgage allows a home buyer to take over the seller’s existing mortgage loan. This transfers the balance, interest rate, and terms of the loan directly from the seller to the buyer.

The biggest benefit here is taking over a low interest rate on the existing mortgage. Rates below 5% were common over the past decade. But current rates on new loans are over 6% on average. By assuming an older mortgage, you lock in a lower rate and save a bundle.

For example, take a $300,000 loan at 3% over 30 years. Compared to a current 6% loan, you’d save over $160,000 in interest and have much lower monthly payments!

Of course, qualifying for an assumable mortgage isn’t always straightforward. The lender will still assess your finances, credit, and eligibility. And there may be fees for processing the assumption. But in many cases it’s well worth the effort.

Ok, now that we’re clear on the basics of assumable mortgages, let’s get into the best ways to find homes offering them!

Utilize Real Estate Listing Sites

Large assumable mortgage listings similar to Zillow, Redfin, and are good starting points in your search. The key is using effective search strategies tailored to finding assumable loan listings.

Here are some tips for mining these sites for homes with assumable mortgages:

Keyword Search

Try keyword searches for phrases like:

  • “Assumable mortgage”
  • “Assumable loan”
  • “Takeover mortgage”
  • “Takeover loan”
  • “Below market mortgage”
  • “Below market loan”
  • “Low-interest mortgage”
  • “Low-interest loan”

Searching listings for these exact phrases can help surface promising options. But don’t stop there…

Carefully Read the Listing Details

Some listings may not directly mention assumable mortgages but could still offer them. Carefully read the listing description, agent notes, and any associated documents. Watch for hints at special financing terms or lender flexibility.

And if a listing seems vaguely promising but lacks specifics, go ahead and contact the agent with questions. It never hurts to ask!

Try Custom Searches

If available in your area, use custom search options to filter by criteria like:

  • Financing type
  • Assumable mortgage
  • Mortgage rate

The available search filters will vary by site. But customized searches can spotlight listings worth digging into further.

While real estate sites are a solid starting point, they have limitations. Listings don’t always mention assumable loans. And you’re dependent on agents accurately labeling and advertising them.

Next, let’s look at some alternatives more tailored to surfacing these unique listings.

Leverage Specialized Platforms

A few specialized sites cater specifically to connecting home buyers and sellers around assumable mortgages. These platforms offer custom tools and resources not found on mainstream listing sites.


Roam is one of the most promising options focused on helping buyers assume low-interest rate mortgages below 5%.

The Roam process includes:

  • Access to a database of pre-screened listings across the country offering assumable mortgages.
  • Tools to assess affordability based on your budget and financial specifics.
  • Guidance from dedicated Assumption Specialists to walk you through the process.
  • Side-by-side loan comparisons so you can easily view savings.
  • Handling of all mortgage assumption paperwork and processing.

In exchange for these services, Roam charges a 1% transaction fee if you successfully close on an assumption.

The combination of consolidated listings, floored rates, and full support services make Roam a go-to platform for finding assumable properties.

Assumption Solutions

Assumption Solutions offers an online marketplace connecting home buyers and sellers around assumable mortgages.

As a seller, you can list your home and loan details through their site to find qualified assumption buyers. As a buyer, you can access listings across the country and work with affiliated agents to assess options.

While not as robust as Roam, Assumption Solutions still simplifies the process of posting and finding detailed loan assumption opportunities.

So specialist sites like these streamline the entire process from listing to closing. But casting a wide net across multiple platforms is key for success. Next, we’ll explore some direct outreach strategies.

Initiate Direct Contact

The strategies we’ve covered so far rely on sellers accurately listing and advertising their assumable mortgages. But many homeowners with enticing loan opportunities don’t even realize an assumption is an option!

That’s why directly contacting sellers yourself can surface hidden gems that will never appear in listings.

Ask Sellers About Financing

When touring homes with promising potential, make it standard practice to ask sellers about their existing financing. Even if their listing or agent doesn’t mention the assumption.

Key details to inquire about include:

  • Interest rate
  • Loan balance
  • Loan type
  • Years remaining
  • Flexibility to transfer

Use this opportunity to explain the basics of assumable mortgages if they seem unfamiliar. Highlight the major benefits to them as the seller:

  • Potentially broadening buyer pool
  • Speeding up sale process
  • Less closing costs than new mortgage
  • No repayment of loan required

Sellers with existing mortgages from the past 5-10 years are most likely to offer strong assumption opportunities. But it always pays to ask about financing details on any home with appeal.

You never know what loan gems you might uncover through simple inquiries!

Consult Mortgage Brokers

Experienced mortgage brokers specialize in niche financing solutions like assumptions. They work with wide lender networks and understand loan qualification intricacies.

Some key benefits of working with brokers include:

  • Access to non-listed inventory with assumption potential
  • Identifying likelihood of approval before making offers
  • Navigating paperwork and processing details
  • Ensuring proper compliance and documentation

The best way to find assumption-savvy brokers? Ask around locally and in online communities. Look for buyer testimonials successfully leveraging brokers to close on low-rate transfers.

Whether asking sellers directly or working with brokers, make an effort to look beyond standard listings. Publicly advertised assumptions are just the tip of the mortgage iceberg!

Now let’s run through some final tips to set yourself up for success.

Final Tips for Your Assumption Search

Finding an assumable mortgage takes some extra effort. But the long-term savings make it well worth the work. Here are some closing tips to integrate into your search:

  • Contact lenders about portfolio loans that may offer assumption flexibility, even if not advertised.
  • Consider alternatives like lender-approved assumptions through streamlined qualifications proving you can manage current loan responsibilities.
  • Get pre-qualified based on projected loan assumptions so you can move quickly when the right opportunity pops up.
  • Sign up for listing alerts customized to your special search criteria to be the first to know about new additions.
  • Check secondary markets like, which sometimes include properties with assumable mortgages.
  • Stay persistent and patient! Finding the right match may take longer than a typical home search.

Leveraging the right search strategies along with some perseverance will serve you well on the path to significant mortgage savings. You’ve got this!


What percentage of mortgages are assumable today?

While less common than a few decades ago, roughly 10-15% of all mortgages continue to be structured as assumable, allowing buyers to take over a seller’s existing loan. Government-backed FHA loans in particular, require assumability. Your odds go up significantly when working with an experienced mortgage broker familiar with assumption intricacies.

What is the process for qualifying to assume a mortgage?

Lenders have a duty to ensure new buyers can fulfill the original loan obligations. Expect to go through a formal approval process providing extensive financial records, including:

  • Credit history
  • Income verification
  • Tax returns
  • Employment documentation
  • And assets/reserves

Each lender will have specific qualification requirements tailored to confirm your ability to manage the assumed loan. Having a clean history, strong credit, and cash reserves improves likelihood of smooth sailing through underwriting.

Are there costs to assume an existing mortgage?

Yes, expect to pay customary origination fees like taking out a new mortgage. These costs typically fall in the 2-5% range based on your loan situation. You’ll also be responsible for all regular closing costs, such as:

  • Appraisal
  • Inspections
  • Legal fees
  • Taxes and insurance

Desperate sellers sometimes offer financial incentives for buyers to assume their loans. This offsets assumption costs that are still notably less than a new high-interest mortgage.

Can I adjust or refinance an assumed loan in the future?

One major advantage to mortgage assumptions is retaining the option to refinance or modify down the road (subject to lender approvals). You aren’t necessarily stuck with the terms if your financial situation changes. Work with your broker to understand flexibility around refinancing, restructuring, or adjusting the assumed loan after closing.

Where are assumable mortgages most common?

Geographic trends shift based on local real estate dynamics, foreclosure rates, and lender concentrations. But currently, California, Florida, and Midwestern states like Illinois and Michigan see higher assumable mortgage availability thanks to past refinancing booms. Leverage online assumption networks to search broadly across all states for the widest selection.

In Closing

I hope this guide clarified locating and securing an assumable home loan! The process involves effort but pays dividends for years through considerable interest savings.

In the realm of real estate, understanding what convey means is paramount as you work systematically through the outlined search strategies, tap specialized resources, seek out unadvertised options, and remain persistent in your hunt; once successful, you’ll have the keys to a home with locked-in low rates just waiting to be assumed!

Here’s wishing you the best of luck finding homes in assumable mortgage listings!

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