How to Create a Rockery in Your Home

Rockeries can be a beautiful addition to any garden and they can be made using a number of items that you might find around the home and you can even add a wonderful Bronze Animal Sculpture like the ones from Gill Parker to add an element of intrigue to the space.

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In order to make your rockery stylish you will need to get yourself some large rocks or pebbles, along with some smaller ones as well. You will then need to raise up the area around your rockery by using top soil and you might also want to add some small heathers and other plants that grow well in rockery areas.

It is important to think about the drainage in these areas and plant shrubs that can withstand the type of drainage that you have. You might also want to add a small water feature to the area and the ones that tend to be most popular are the smaller ground based bubbling water elements.

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You might need to think about the soil type that you have, when creating a rockery as some alpine heathers need to be planted in a specific type of soil. You can create the perfect environment for them if you dig out the area and place a pond liner in the space you have dug and then add the relevant soil that you need. All you need to do next is get planting and placing your rocks and pebbles.


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