How can you tell if your boiler engineer is trustworthy?

Gas boilers that aren’t maintained regularly become less efficient, using more fuel and more susceptible to breaking down when it is cold. Boilers can become dangerous if they are not maintained regularly. They emit harmful fumes which could cause illness or even death to you and your family. Regular service and inspection of your boiler is essential. Also, it’s important to have any repairs done by a professional engineer.

While you might be able to find someone who is good, there are many people out there who claim to be gas engineers, but aren’t, and do dangerous and unsatisfactory work.

These scammers are often able to con many people. It is estimated that one fifth of homes could have unsafe appliances. What can you do to make sure that the boiler engineer you hire is qualified and reputable?

CORGI (the Confederation Of Registered Gas Installers) was once the mark of qualified gas engineers. In 2009, however, CORGI was no longer valid and replaced by the Gas Safe Register. A Tewkesbury Boilers company such as Combi Man will proudly display their compliance with being gas safe as well as being able to provide clients with testimonials and any other relevant information that they might need.

To check if an engineer has been registered, anyone can visit the site. To ensure that registered engineers can do the job, you need to ask for the engineer’s ID upon arrival at your property.

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