How a good carpet can improve your house sale.

If you are thinking about moving then there are several things that you need to consider when showing your home. The Estate Agent will be able to give you some pointers on what is the best practice before a sale. There are certain old adages that still ring true. The smell of freshly made coffee or some kinds of baked goods in the oven instill a sense of homeliness that the buyer immediately begins to associate the place with a sense of belonging. Of course these tips are now so well worn they are bordering on the cliche and an experienced house mover will soon spot them. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a go.

One thing that an experienced house buyer will be looking at is the carpets. Whilst a good lick of paint around the place in terms of decorating is a good idea this is one part of the house that will also fall under the spotlight. If the buyer is thinking of making a move they will already be sizing up how they will want the place to look when they move in. For them, in decorating terms, this is easy to plan. However carpets and flooring are a much pricier option and if you don’t want the cost of a new one knocked off the selling price but don’t have the resource to replace it then a decent clean might be in order.

Octokleen, a Carpet Cleaning Hereford based company offer  a range of super spruces that will make the pile look like new or at least newish. Click on the link to see what they can do.

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