Garage storage ideas that will make your life easier

Does your garage contain a lot of clutter? Take control of the mess with our great storage solutions.

1 Pegboard wall

A simple pegboard will declutter and clean up your surroundings. You can hang your tools at arm’s length.

2 Easy shelving

Create your own garage shelving, making it as long or as short as you want. Go wider to six feet to hold three giant storage totes per shelf. More shelves can be added at any height – secure them to the wall to avoid tipping.

3 Garden tool storage

Choose scrap PVC pieces and cut them at an angle to allow enough space for drilling them to a board secured to the wall. Each garden tool has two pieces of PVC, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom of the tools rest on a board rather than the ground to avoid dust and dirt.

If you are seeking residential shelving Ireland, an internet search will bring up lots of options.

Family Handyman has even more ideas on how to organise your garage.

4 Budget storage

Use pie tins chopped in half and mounted on the wall to store circular objects. If your work surface is cluttered with nails and screws, attach a muffin tin under a shelf with a screw.

5 Magnetic strips

A magnetic strip can store your drill bits and similar small metal items. You won’t lose them again with this clever storage solution.

6 Metal bins

Buy some metal bins and label the contents. This works particularly well for children’s toys. You can put these on your residential shelving Ireland.

7 Chalkboard cupboards

Cover your cupboards and cabinets with some chalkboard paint. You can create and erase labels with chalk as the contents change.

8 Hose storage

All you need to store your garden hose and sprinkler is a galvanised paint bucket to make an inexpensive and practical caddy. Drill three holes in the bottom of the bucket and fasten it to the wall.

9 Bike storage

Create hanging space for your bikes to keep them off the floor and ready to go. A monkey bar system offers flexibility.

10 Screwdriver rack

To keep your tools to hand, paint the screwdriver handles and line them up on a rack. This can double as a coat hanger.


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