How to decorate a birthday

How to decorate a birthday for girls

Are you seeking some ideas on how to decorate a birthday for girls? Here I leave you great decorative details and some best birthday decoration ideas that you can put into practice very easily for a girls party. The organization, the details, the surprises and originality are good pillars to start. Let’s start!!

How to decorate a birthday for girls

How to decorate a birthday

Floral table

The table is one of the most important areas when decorating a birthday. In it, the guests crowd to fill the glasses, fill their plates or chop a little. In this way, he tries to give a striking touch to it. You can do this through a beautiful floral center.

The flowers will be your great allies when it comes to coloring. In addition, you can put them in vases or in different types of containers that you like (cups, glasses, bowl, glasses, etc.). Design a beautiful combination with your favorite flowers. Remember that, depending on the shape of the table, it will be good to put only one or several flower centers. Play with the colors!

How to decorate a birthday

Candy bar for girls

Organize a special Candy Bar for this day to decorate a sweet birthday. You can give it the style you want, as long as it contains sweets. It offers cookies, cupcakes, candies, chocolates and a great cake made by you or bought. In this case the corner is a marked vintage style. The small table that you see contains everything that is needed. Painted in white and with plates and bowls in this color, a beautiful adaptation has been achieved, with the white brick wall. To add a vintage look, use also bows, ornaments on paper or strips of cloth to decorate.

How to decorate a birthday

Champagne cocktail

If you want to know how to decorate a birthday for girls, here is a great idea for you. You can offer your guests a delicious champagne cocktail made by yourself. If you click on the photograph it takes you to the recipe in particular. But I tell you that it is made with Limoncello (delicious) and the glasses are decorated with pink sugar. A luxury to add a glamour point to birthday decoration. What do you think?

How to decorate a birthday

Funny garlands

You can make garlands for the party by shaping and sewing magazine paper, cardboard or even newspaper. With a little imagination, you will achieve garlands as beautiful and fun as this one. There are ways to create decorative garlands, with a sympathetic, romantic or funny finish.

How to decorate a birthday

Decoration with glamour

The details enrich the decoration. Candles, flowers or glass goblets … look great visually. But something is missing from the scene BRIGHTNESS! The brightness is something that can not miss in your party. If you love them, it’s an idea to decorate yourself with glitters. How? It is a solution to apply glitter or glitter to candles, glasses, glasses or even to the handles of the cutlery, it will give a touch of the most glamorous thing. What do you think?

Funny photocall for girls

Finally, you cannot miss a funny Photocall when you are seeking how to decorate a birthday for girls. It’s the last thing to break your laugh with your friends. It is easy to do this at home or in outdoor spaces. Find a wall and place there a striking background (which can be cardboard, wallpaper or using the original wall)

Then you just have to go ahead with your friends and take pictures as fun as you are. Locate the Photocall at the birthday entrance. Finally, I recommend you to make some fun accessories, for photographs Look at the paper ties! They are easy to do, just try it.

How do you see you can organize a birthday for a girl in a fun way and without spending a lot of money? I love the idea of recycling and take advantage of jars and containers at home, to decorate them and use them as details in the party. Scraps of paper or cloth will be perfect for creating fun garlands. And what about the photocall? It will be a very interesting birthday. Now you know how to decorate a birthday for girls.

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