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Tricks to clean the house of forgotten corners

Clean the house is one of the keys to the operation and maintenance of your house. However, we often perform the necessary tasks and forget to clean up in depth some corners. or appliances of our home. For this reason, we propose these torcs to perform a thorough cleaning and thus achieve a more pleasant environment.

Ventilate your house daily

Tricks to clean the house

One of the main problems in homes is the lack of order. You can save hours of cleaning if you are a person ordered and applied daily. For example, if in the morning, you are going to try on three clothing options, then do not leave them lying on the floor of the room. Use two more minutes of your time and hang the discarded outfits in the closet. Do not store garbage bags or dirty dishes in the sink. Do not leave open soap or toothpaste tubs or finished paper rolls lying on the bathroom floor. Maintaining a minimum daily order will allow you not to have to spend more time than necessary to clean the house. 

Remove dust and dirt in the shortest possible time

top Tricks to clean the house

House cleaning tasks must be carried out with a particular assiduity. Depending on the members of the floor, they will have one frequency or another. The cleaning of dust and dirt on stories should be carried out at least twice a week. If some rooms get very dirty, like the kitchen or the living room, it will require a higher frequency. To remove all dirt from the floors, we recommend doing it with the typical hand vacuum cleaner. It may seem more cumbersome, but the cleaning is much deeper and more potent than when it comes to the traditional brush. The best powerful hand vacuums will reduce a lot of time from house cleaning tasks.


Carpets maintain their good condition longer if they are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. If we are going to rent or buy a carpet cleaning device, it is best to opt for steam. Solutions with detergent or shampoo often wet our carpets excessively, and the film that forms the shampoo is sometimes tricky to remove.

First of all, the vacuum cleaner is vital for the cleaning of this type of materials. Before applying any product or cleaner, it is advisable to remove as much loose dust as possible, to achieve a better finish.

Finally, decide on specific products to clean carpets at home and follow the instructions when mixing solutions. You can use a prewash spray and treat very dirty areas before cleaning the carpet.

The roofs of  clean the house

We rarely pay attention to them, only when we are going to paint a room or when changing the general decoration. However, the roofs of your home are a source of dust, dirt, and moisture and cleaning is vital to maintain a pleasant environment.

Of course, you will have to climb a ladder to clean the roofs, but in order not to make this work more tedious, the idea is to use an extendable handle. To save time and energy, an alternative may be the use of the vacuum cleaner itself.

In case your roof is painted like most homes, then tie a non-porous sponge or synthetic microfiber cloth to the end to remove all the dust.

Extractor hood

The kitchen is the place with the highest index of clean the polluting household sources because organic matter is handled in conditions of humidity and temperature that favors the appearance of microorganisms harmful to health.

The domestic bells, in general, have a filtering system of grease particles and an extractor that sucks the fumes. These are the two areas where there is the highest accumulation of grease in the kitchen, so it is necessary to carry out a cleaning of the filters every month and, at least once a year, we must clean the inside of the hood in depth.

For the cleaning of extractor filters, we can place on the nitro-ceramic plate a pair of large pots with water and bring them to a boil, adding sodium bicarbonate very slowly so that they do not overflow. We introduce the filters and maintain the temperature so that the dissolution softens the fat.


clean the house of forgotten corners

Lack of ventilation, accumulated humidity, or other types of odors is embedded in the wood or other materials from which our drawers are made. Therefore, whether kitchen drawers, bedroom, bathroom or any part of our home, they all come well a good cleaning regularly.

To avoid humidity in the clothes drawers, it is recommended not to store clothes, sheets or towels in the drawers and cupboards when they are not 100% dry since the humidity of the wet objects can cause the appearance of mold in the drawers, especially those made of wood.

The radiators of your home

Everyone knows that heaters and stoves accumulate a lot of dust. Therefore, it is convenient to review them from time to time if we want to keep our home clean.

With the use of a vacuum cleaner, we will clean the most abundant amounts of dust, then introducing a duster or mop inside the radiator, moving it from top to bottom, to access the most difficult places.

Once finished with the powder, moisten a cloth with warm water and liquid soap and when it is well drained clean the outside of the radiator. It is essential to dry it immediately since we run the risk of it oxidizing.

Controls and switches

These are two protagonists of our home in which we usually only repair at the time of cleaning. However, television controls and switches are two of the objects that we play the most throughout the day on numerous occasions.

Once a month, we can pass a wet wipe to the controls, telephone, keyboards, and similar electronic devices. It is a simple task that will help reduce the dirt in your home. In case some corners resist or are difficult to access, moisten a swab in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and pass it between the keys.

In the case of switches, the procedure would be very similar. Apply a damp cloth in alcohol or nail polish remover regularly.

Disinfected buckets, mops, and brushes

Knowing how to keep clean brooms, brushes, mops, and sponges, which is essential for hygiene in the home, is of the utmost importance if we do not want to waste the money it costs to buy brushes constantly.

To do this, fill the scrubbing bucket with water, soap and a little bleach and insert the mop and brushes you use for cleaning inside. Then let them stand for about 30 minutes, then rinse and dry them outdoors. Through this same process, you can also clean your garbage can. It is a process that you should carry out at least once a month, to prevent bad odors from coming off.


There are products ready to use once a month, and its use is effortless to leave the dishwasher clean. Follow the instructions on the package: remove the seal, place in the area of ​​the dishes upside down and program a long wash cycle, with the machine empty.

It is a very comfortable option, but they have the disadvantage of the price and that they are very polluting products for the environment. Therefore, an alternative is to use vinegar.

The program along wash at maximum temperature with the dishwasher empty, without detergent and wait a few minutes. When you have already taken all the water and is working, open the door and pour a glass full of vinegar inside. Close the door again and let the cycle finish. Once you have finished washing, you can skip the drying steps. Click the button to disconnect the dishwasher and leave the door open to dry naturally inside.

Washing machine

discover clean the house

To leave your washing machine clean, white vinegar can also become your great ally. Add half a cup of vinegar to the detergent compartment and select a wash cycle at a temperature of 30º or more.

However, the washing machine filter is the place where the remains of detergent, lint, and other objects accumulate. For that reason, inside the drum of our washing machine, we will locate the filter, we will remove it, and we will clean all the accumulated rest so that the washing of our clothes will be much more successful.

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