What should you do if your rented van breaks down?

If you experience a breakdown with a rented van in the UK, it is essential to take appropriate steps to ensure your safety and get help quickly.

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Move the van to a safe location

If possible, move the van to a safe location, such as the side of the road or a designated parking area. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to a problem with the vehicle.

Don’t panic, as the breakdown can be resolved

Remain calm and assess the situation. Try to identify any obvious issues with the van, but do not attempt any repairs. The RAC has information on the warning lights on the dashboard, which can help you understand the issue in the event of a breakdown.

Look at your rental agreement

Refer to the rental agreement or documentation for emergency contact information. Call the rental company’s emergency hotline or the general customer service number to report the breakdown. The rental company will provide guidance on the next steps. This may include waiting for roadside assistance, arranging for a tow truck, or providing instructions for a replacement vehicle.

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Stay in a safe location while waiting for help

If you can safely exit the vehicle, wait in a safe location away from traffic. If the breakdown creates a hazard or you are in an unsafe location, consider contacting the local authorities for assistance.

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Remember that safety is the top priority. Follow the guidance provided by the rental company and stay calm while awaiting assistance. Keep all relevant documentation, including any communication with the rental company, as it may be needed at a later date.

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