How to Position Your Downlights

When it comes to illuminating the living areas of your home, downlights offer a stylish lighting solution that’s discreet in appearance. When positioned correctly they can be used to highlight artwork and architectural features or create a range of moods at the push of a button.

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It’s important to know how far apart your recessed lights should be to achieve the best result, as the spacing will determine how illuminated your space is. Generally speaking, you want to keep your downlights no less than two feet apart. Any more and you run the risk of creating shadows around the edge of your ceiling, which can make a room look gloomy. When you need Downlight Covers, visit a site like

The positioning of downlights is also critical when it comes to accentuating furniture or art pieces in a room. Use a narrow beam to create a pin spot to draw attention to an interesting piece, or cross light them together over a coffee table to provide a focal point that adds drama and character.

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Downlights are a great way to light stairways and corridors to provide safe, practical lighting that also helps to guide you. They can also be used to highlight shelving or cabinets, ensuring that their contents are well lit and accessible. With the right LED bulbs, downlights can also help to accurately reveal the colours of artwork or furnishings – perfect for displaying that beautiful painting you’ve been meaning to hang.

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