Different types of wool that you can use in crafts

Wool is a material that has been used in crafts for hundreds of years. It is a sustainable material and we have found new ways to make wool from other items, rather than just from animals such as sheep. When it comes to choosing the wool type for your project it is important that you consider what the needs of the final product are going to be and whether there is a need for any particular requirements such as soft, waterproof or any other need. If you purchase a Knitting Kit like the ones from woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits the wool will already be selected for you.

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Here are some types of wool that are available and some ideas on how you might choose to use them.

Aran – this is a thicker type of wool and tends to be used for projects where the wool chosen needs to provide a level of warmth. This might be in the creation of jumpers that are to  be worn in the colder months or it might be for a blanket or throw that you are going to have on your bed or your sofa. Aran is often softer than other bulky wools which is what makes it a popular choice for using when creating items that are going to be next to the skin.

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Cotton – this has become a popular yarn choice when you are making items such as tops that are to be worn in the summer as well as for makeup removing pads and for coasters. This is because the cotton blend of wool is much softer. It can be harder to work with than standard wool as the fibres tend to split easier.

Bamboo – this is another blend of wool that has increased in popularity, particularly with those people that are concerned about the impact we are having on the plant. Bamboo is quick to grow and it is possible to make the yarn relatively easier. It is a similar wool to cotton and so tends to be used for more delicate projects and is often chosen by those people who have some experience of knitting and working with standard wool options.

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