Craft projects that may suit arthritic hands

Despite what some people may believe, having arthritis does not mean that you have to give up your hobbies or passions. It has been found that being creative can provide both physical and emotional benefits, so it is just a matter of discovering crafts projects that are gentle on the joints.

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The benefits of crafting

Before we outline the projects, it is important to understand how arts and crafts can help people with arthritis.

The soft and repetitive motions of crafting can help maintain the flexibility of the joints, improving overall joint movement. It can also boost the mood by encouraging dopamine, a completely natural way to combat depression.

Crafting may also help improve cognitive function by stimulating the mind and preventing decline by extension.

To find out about how crafts can benefit older people, this article in the Guardian is enlightening.

Suitable craft projects

1. Jewellery making

By making use of larger beads and tools that are easy to hold, it is straightforward to create jewellery while lessening the strain on both fingers and wrists.

2. Painting.

By using watercolours and thicker brushes, painting can be an ideal activity for those with arthritis.

3. Knitting or crocheting

Using ergonomic needles or hooks makes it possible to knit or crochet with arthritis. Make sure you choose loose patterns so as not to strain the joints.

It can be hard to find good crochet kits, especially when looking for those suited to more specific needs; however, specialists such as will be able to help

It can be uplifting to enjoy hobbies and passions alongside others, especially those who understand the difficulties arthritis can cause. Joining groups with like-minded people can provide a sense of community, support, and inspiration. There are also videos on YouTube with tutorials specifically made for those with arthritis.

Arthritis can come with its fair share of difficulties; however, with the right guidance, arts and crafts can be a mood-boosting and beneficial activity. Whether a long-time artist or a novice, there is a project for everyone.

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